The 10 most important trends in technology development in b2b

To date, in the era of coronavirus, the B2B module has reliably reached the top of the world economy. The abrupt transition to online retail was obvious and understandable. But this situation in wholesale sales has become an unexpected turn for many. Therefore, we will consider such a topic as the main trends for B2B.

The main technology trends for B2B

1. Growth of niche marketplaces

In wholesale purchases, you need to deal with a large catalog of offers. And their manual disassembly takes a lot of time and effort. Company managers will always be happy to find niche trading platforms where there is only what is needed. And so that there is nothing superfluous on such platforms. And such a search greatly simplifies the comparison of prices and products.
While diving into B2B online, you need to expect the emergence of new niche marketplaces. Many stores that were previously afraid to enter e-commerce began to gradually enter this area.

2. Using

Artificial intelligence will enter the business routine in the future. And today, with the help of simple actions and algorithms, you can configure the execution of time-consuming tasks. And such systems include the systematization of databases by customer base, namely: product items, product catalogs, search based on different categories.
A lot of prospects appear when using AI in business, and this gives a lot of opportunities. But it is quite difficult to summarize and evaluate the future prospects. But now we have come to the topic of smart control systems that can solve complex or atypical tasks without human help.

3. Chatbot

There is another area where AI technologies can be used, and this area is chatbots. And they are smart enough to provide customers with information and answers to questions. For business, this is a fairly convenient way to communicate. Which allows you to process client requests.

4. Autonomous systems

A lot of companies have started using automation systems, i.e. CRM or ERP systems. With the help of which they digitize warehouses and delivery. After that, the next step is “automation automation”. That is, the development of intelligent systems that will manage and optimize without human help.
We agree, it sounds like a series of fiction, but this is one of the main strategic charts of technological development. There are also algorithms for which self-learning is available.  And in the future, they will integrate more and more into business problems.

5. Dynamic pricing

Due to the fact that there is strong competition in the market, the key to success is the properly planned work of the company. And prices can be the key to success. To monitor the market manually is a useless thing. To do this, there are services such as AllRival and uXprice, which will help determine prices in real time.

6. Predictive analytics

You may have noticed, but browser advertising adapts quite easily to your requests. And very often gives recommendations based on your preferences. And this is possible because there is software with predictive analytics.  Analyzing the behavior of the audience makes it possible to predict its behavior and further purchases. And it also becomes easier to attract and retain customers.

7. Electronic document management

Many wholesale suppliers still do not believe in electronic document management and like to record everything on paper. But they will have to adapt to the realities of the new digital economy. Automatic document generation will soon become a mass practice.

8. Interest in PWA applications

The smartphone has long been one of the main working tools in any business. The development of mobile applications is now more relevant than ever. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to develop a cross—platform mobile application is using PWA technology. Progressive Web App is an application that converts a website into an application. Such a program has a lot of advantages that are in demand in wholesale sales. Such as ease of development and support, speed of work, the ability to work with site resources without the Internet.

9. Electronic document management

As a result, the psychology of consumers has changed. Because now they want to conduct wholesale purchases for legal entities with the same ease as their shopping takes place. Business services have increased requirements for the design and functionality of digital products. Brands will increasingly create flexible and versatile platforms where they will serve both retail and wholesale customers.

10. Emphasis on safety

The speed and depth of digital transformation not only provide business with advantages. But they also create cybersecurity risks. As a result, this risk is especially high in the B2B segment, because here the actions of criminals can lead to large-scale consequences.

How to digitalize your business?​

Understanding advanced techno trends is very useful when you need to think strategically. But most companies need to start small – to understand their internal processes. Find out which of them can be automated quickly and cheaply.
Practice shows that simple steps can give a very noticeable result. Transition to electronic document management, implementation of TMS and WMS systems in logistics. Combining databases – all this will help bring the business to a new level.
A full-fledged launch of wholesale online will require the development of a B2B portal. Such a platform should be cross-platform and contain a set of tools necessary for the consumer. Namely: personal account, product catalog, full information about goods and stock balances. But the main thing is the ability to make a purchase at any time in a couple of clicks.

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