CMS for an online store

CMS (management system) is important to determine at the very beginning of the development of an online store, because there are different tasks for which different solutions are suitable and the cost of implementation may differ.

Types of CMS for creating an online store

The most popular boxed solutions are Bitrix, WordPress, Shopify, Tilda, Opencart, Joomla and a number of other platforms. Paid CMS are used less often than free ones. This is due to the fact that their cost is not only the need to buy an engine. But also in the regular purchase of extensions and add-ons. The features of such systems are unreasonable. Because even online support is paid.

Free CMS

Shopify, Tilda, Opencart, Joomla and others. CMS, which are used most often and have a huge community of developers. It is not difficult to find a cheap or free module to expand the functionality of your site. There are also many improvements and changes available, because there may be parts of the encoded code in the control system. The cost of writing and refining unique functions is usually lower than on paid CMS.

Self-written CMS and framework

Let’s talk about creating your own management system on frameworks. Now there are quite a few popular self-writing CMS in different programming languages. For PHP at the moment, the most popular framework is Laravel. Such a solution makes it possible to realize any idea. In functionality, you are limited only by the time of development and implementation of your ideas and means. Of course, the price and development time are higher than on ready-made SAAS solutions.

Firstly, this is due to the fact that you need to do everything from scratch, including the admin panel. There is also a big risk to entrust the development to a beginner. And get a product with poorer quality and bugs. Than on the same boxed control system. The control system is more convenient to use, and the speed of operation. It is necessary to start such development with a qualitatively formulated technological task. And a full understanding of what should happen in the end. Designing and proper planning is the key to success. Before you start developing a distressed project, you definitely need to read our article – What you need to know before you start developing a website.

Popular CMS for online stores

Today, there are a large number of CMS charts on the Internet. And each of them occupies different places in the ranking. To date, it is really difficult to make a plausible CMS rating. But in almost every chart there are CMS such as:

- WordPress
- Tilda
- Magento
- OpenCart
- Presta shop
- 1С-Bitrix
- Jumla

Popular CMS for online stores

The most popular solution is WordPress. It is one of the first management systems that was created in web development. For a long enough period of time, quite a lot of developed sites have accumulated on it. At first it was a blog engine, but over time it began to grow with a large number of modules and plugins. And one of these modules is WooCommerce, which allows you to formulate the usability of an online store. We also use WordPress quite often to create websites of all kinds.

But using some modules or plugins to create an online store is irrational for some reasons. And one of the reasons is a security issue. It has convenient management in the admin panel for an informative website, but it is not convenient for an online store, because the CMS was not intended for an online store in the first place. There is also a problem with the speed of operation and optimization of settings. Moreover, competitive management systems are an important detail. Because they are more suitable for this role. It is difficult to categorize other management systems, because their popularity depends on their location.

When do I need a self-made online store?

1. When you have a desire to create a unique website with a number of solutions that are not available in ready-made CMS, and your business needs a new approach.

2. Your project involves a high workload and a large number of visitors, as well as goods and services.

3. A security system that will be unique to your project. Because open source CMS have a number of vulnerabilities. Which are little-known, and writing a personal management system will minimize the risk.

4. You need to make a lot of synchronizations with various resources.

5. Development of a mobile application for an online store, and this will require the development of an API for the interaction of site and application data. And you need to lay this point first during development.

Which management system to choose for an online store

Firstly, the well-known control systems have a rather large difference from their own developments. And this difference lies in the appearance, convenience and functionality of the admin control panel of the site.
Secondly, the most widely used control system, this panel is ready-made, and the developer mainly makes small adjustments. And for a developed CMS on frameworks, you need to write an admin panel yourself for the project, it’s quite time-consuming. But in the end, the site management will take place in the way that you need.
Our team has been developing websites for 4 years and has accumulated a lot of experience. If you have any questions about the optimal choice of a management system for your site. We will be happy to help you solve your problem!

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