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WordPress is the most popular engine for Internet information resources. Many advantages of this CMS, for example, a free license, ease of operation and the ability to connect plug-ins that expand the functionality of the platform, have ensured its popularity not only among blog owners.

A huge number of different WordPress plugins greatly expand the capabilities of the platform. This makes WP an almost universal CMS, which is used to create corporate websites, online stores and other types of Internet resources.

But simplicity in development and management does not guarantee the profitability of the site. One of the most important factors is the possibility of its promotion. Fortunately, sites on an ancient platform are quite suitable for SEO, and in this article we want to share the main recommendations for optimizing such resources.

What you should pay attention to on WordPress

To avoid difficulties in the future, optimization should be considered even when creating a website. In particular, the effectiveness of promotion may be affected by the choice of a domain name, as well as a hosting provider. Many optimizers recommend using a word associated with your niche as the domain name. This is not a mandatory selection criterion, but it can have a positive effect on ranking. In any case, your domain name should be short and readable to make it easier for users to remember it.

In any case, your domain name should be short and readable to make it easier for users to remember it. If you buy an already registered domain to avoid the sandbox, make sure that it has not previously fallen under the filters of search engines.Website hosting is also important. If, under the terms of the contract with the provider, a lot of advertising is placed on your site, this negatively affects the user experience and positions. The server must be located in your country, or close to it, and how this will affect the speed of the resource for users. Next, let’s talk about the main technical factors of website promotion on WordPress.

Setting up site indexing On WordPress

Indexing is the collection of information by a search engine about the content of a site. Based on this information, the PS algorithms determine which queries users can get a relevant response to, as well as how valuable your content is in comparison with other resources. If for some reason indexing went wrong, some or even all pages of your site may not be included in the search results. First of all, make sure that the site is open for indexing at all. To do this, go to the settings section in the WordPress admin panel. If there is a mark in the “visibility for search engines” item that prohibits indexing, remove it.

Setting up robot.txt on WordPress

After that, you need to make sure that the file is correct robot.txt . It is located in the root directory of the site. This file is used by search engine bots to determine which content needs to be indexed. In robot.txt the following types of content and pages should be closed from indexing. To do this, use the Disallow directive. Example: Disallow: * / comments/. And here is the image in robot.txt as a rule, they are closed for indexing. If you specify the Alt attribute when uploading and specify the relevant name, then the images may attract additional traffic from the image search, so it is better to remove the ban on indexing them. Also in this file you need to specify the path to the site map (sitemap.xml ), which we will talk about later.

Creating a map for search bots for WordPress

The URL of the pages should not consist of a random set of characters. This makes it difficult for users to navigate on the site, and therefore negatively affects its positions in the search results.

To fix this, go to your admin Settings. Select the “Permanent links” section and specify the best option for you to generate a URL. We recommend by the name of the entry – so users in the address will be able to see the name of the page they are on, as well as the shortest path from it to the ”main”.

Optimization of meta tags

For the convenience of working with meta tags, we also recommend installing a plugin, namely Yoast. After installation, the “SEO” item will appear in your admin panel. Go to it and select “Headers and Metadata”.

Here you can automatically find duplicated or incorrect title and description in the “General” section. You can change the title of the selected page in the title section, and specify the description in the field under the “Meta description” item.

Basic requirements for meta tags on WordPress

  • unique for each page;
  • must be readable, and not consist of a set of keys;
  • the title should briefly convey the subject of the page;
  • the description should encourage users to go to the site.

Meta tags are very important when optimizing, as they allow search engines to more accurately determine the subject of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my WordPress site suitable for promotion?

WordPress is a comprehensive and flexible CMS (content management system) that allows you to create websites of almost any type.

How much does it cost to promote a website on WordPress?

The promotion of sites based on CMS WordPress depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are the history of the domain, previous work on the site, the overall quality of the website, industry and competition, as well as many other elements that should be carefully analyzed to determine the cost of promotion.

How to promote websites on WordPress?

Website promotion on WordPress is basically similar to the promotion of other CMS. The main pillars of any effective promotion are website optimization, creating a natural link structure and creating unique and valuable content. The process based on the above-mentioned elements allows obtaining satisfactory results in the long term in the form of stable high keyword positions and increasing the visibility of the website.

How long does it take to promote a WordPress site?

Promotion is a continuous process. This also applies to the positioning of websites based on WordPress CMS. Obtaining the initially intended results requires further expansion of the website in order to strengthen them and further increase visibility on the Internet.

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