Basic principles of website development

Website development is a cumulative process. It is necessary for the client to focus a lot of attention on certain accents of development and coordination, in turn, the developer must be competent enough.

Building communication between the client and the implementing company plays a major role in the effectiveness of creating a good website. We have selected all the main points that need to be clarified in order to proceed with ordering the site.

You can start developing a website by forming answers to questions. Which will perfectly match your needs and taste, and bring maximum benefit to the business.

An idea and a unique trade offer for development

The choice of the type of site is to accurately determine the functionality that it will perform, if its purpose is to provide one service, then Landing page is suitable. If you need a multi–page website where you need to describe the services and details about the company – corporate.

In order to sell a wide range of goods by bank transfer, you will need an online store. If you need to post regular posts, as well as interesting news, then an information portal is suitable for you.

In order to expand the functionality of the site, in the future it may receive various elements from different types of sites, if necessary. You will come to the final attention in the process of consulting with developers, but strategy planning should be carried out in advance.

Technical specification​ on website development

At the first stage of development, you need to draw up a technical specification with a detailed description of the project requirements.

In the future, developers will focus on it at all stages of project development. Below we have listed the items that should be present in it.

Website management system and its development

We will choose a CMS for you depending on your needs and begin development. It can be a simple Tilda constructor, or WordPress for the design of a corporate website. If you have a project at a higher level and no CMS fits their criteria, then development is carried out from scratch using various frameworks.

Target audience

First you need to decide which audience the project will be designed for, whether this audience will become users of the site. How and how he will be able to interest them, and then proceed to development. A lot will depend on the age, gender, wealth and social status of the audience, because the style of the site will be filled depending on these criteria.

Solutions that are optimal for young people are unacceptable for older people, good for rich women, unlikely to appeal to middle-income men.Solutions that are optimal for young people are unacceptable for older people, good for rich women, unlikely to appeal to middle-income men.

Products belonging to the same group can be designed for different target audiences. So, from the product that will be sent to the buyer, it affects the future approach to the structure of the site and the functionality for ordering. Therefore, you need to take everything into account at the very beginning of the project development.

Development of a functional

You need to plan what functions should be present on the site. This can be: a personal account, an online calculator, importing goods via an XML file, and everything that you and visitors will interact with.

If you have a desire, but for the site to have such a command as “site search”, then you need to specify this, after that you need to work out exactly how the search should work: search only by products or by blog? Do you need a regular search or a morphological one? And if the brand name is entered with an error? All this needs to be thought through to accurately estimate the cost of the project.

Therefore, do not forget about the multilingualism of the site, for example, if you plan to work in the Ukrainian market, then you will definitely need a version in Russian, because this is required by Ukrainian legislation.

Budget and terms of development

Firstly, no one will make a lot of sites for one month and a thousand dollars. To get a quality product, it is worth starting with the basic functions and gradually refine them if necessary.

Secondly, after drawing up the TOR, it is possible to say the exact terms and estimate the cost of the project. If you have a typical task, then you can use our calculator.

Structure development

Therefore, you need to prepare a list of services or product categories. Which the company will provide, because the structure of the site and the ease of navigation on it will depend on it.

Firstly, in order to develop the structure of the site, we use various tools. In which we create a so-called tree, or a structure with all semantic elements and relationships. We plan what is responsible for what, and where it will lead.

Secondly, when the structure is ready, it should be analyzed by SEO analysts and usability experts. After that, they conduct an assessment in terms of further promotion and convenience, make their own adjustments, if necessary.

Content development

Do you need to decide what content will be posted on the site, from where texts, photos and videos will be selected? And the best solution for this would be to hire professional photographers, for high-quality photos, copywriters, for unique texts and content writers. The costs of such services should be taken into account when forming the overall budget.

If the information requires constant updates, then you need to choose who exactly will fill the site with content.


You need to analyze the market and pick up a few examples on your topic. Also, do not forget that you need to focus not only on local competitors, but also do not lose sight of colleagues from other countries, especially from Western Europe and the USA. Write down their functional and design solutions you would like to see on your website. Don’t forget to describe what you DON’T like.

Development design

If there is already a ready-made logo and corporate identity of the company, then this will be very good news for designers, if there are no such elements, then you need to at least choose the style and color scheme that will be involved in the design.

Also, we would like to note that it is important at the start of development to see the photos that will be shown on the pages, because they are an important element on which the style of the site is built.


You may need to interact with third-party services, and this must be specified, and such platforms include.

All this information should be covered in the terms of reference

An important part is promotion, even if your site is ready and is a great product, people still need to know about it. There are many methods of website promotion to attract the attention of the target audience.

You need to distribute it immediately, the budget will be laid, and how you will use it, hire staff for this, or place such an order on outsourcing – the answers to all these questions need to be thought out in advance. The following segments are mainly used for promotion:

Domain and hosting​

Decide in advance on the site domain, especially if it concerns the .UA domain level. It is possible to get such a domain only after trademark registration, and this may take a considerable time.

Also decide on which hosting will be hosted on the site. For a small corporate website, regular hosting is enough, the price of which starts from $ 5 per month.
An online store with tens of thousands of products and a planned large attendance requires a dedicated server and additional setup costs.

What's next?​

Having answered all these questions and described them, you will get a sufficient foundation to understand where to start developing a website and decide what exactly you need to get as a result. This will greatly simplify the work and undoubtedly make the result more accurate and effective for your business.

Further, only a professional performer is needed to create the implementation of your ideas. Contact only those who have a good portfolio, experience and reputation that inspires trust. Proper training and work of real site specialists guarantees success with the audience, and significant growth for the business.An online store with tens of thousands of products and a planned large attendance requires a dedicated server and additional setup costs.

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