WordPress and the benefits of development

WordPress is a website content management system (CMS for short). Some people love this program very much, but there are also those who are terribly annoyed by it. Why? We will answer this question in this article.

Launching the program

A good advantage is the undemanding nature of the site to launch. It is very simple to install hosting and you can use it very easily and quickly.


Navigation and the logic of building the program are very simple and do not require special skills. All buttons are signed, so you can safely make decisions based on intuition. It was meant that this platform would be designed for blogs, but webmasters liked it more.


The program is absolutely free and this is its big plus. You can run a simple blog, or you can do something really serious without paying a penny at the same time. The basic functionality is quite enough, but if anything, the add-ons are quite inexpensive.

Adaptive layout

WordPress includes a layout that helps to adapt the site to any device. The ideal solution for those who are intensely watching the details of their site, because the WordPress engine will transfer everything safely.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

The official plugin database is developed by third-party programmers, but this does not affect its quality in any way. They greatly expand the capabilities of WP. Themes are most often sold for money, but there is a set of basic themes that can be used for free.


Jetpack protects the site from hacking, spam and viruses, and also improves the performance and speed of promotion of your resource.
Akismet checks comments for spam and inappropriate content, and is a good system for monitoring.
bbPress can turn a small blog into a professional forum
There are still a lot of similar plugins and themes, and they are constantly updated, which attracts different webmasters very much.


WordPress also helps well in SEO and makes promotion on the web as comfortable as possible, as well as some plugins of the program optimize content and have many more tools for convenient operation, for example, a site markup tool or meta tag placement. A lot of processes are automated, which is an undoubted plus.


Any materials and structures of the site have nothing to do with its visualization. You can change all the colors, pictures or any other design elements, but all the buttons will remain in their places. Any radical change in style will not break anything.



This opens up a lot of opportunities to expand the functionality and simplifies the work of programmers, as well as saves a lot of money and time.
You can find ready-made code, you can add your own, you can use it by default-whatever you want.


Many hosting companies offer you to install WordPress to make your work more comfortable. In this case, we are talking about popular paid hosting companies that cooperate with the creators of the program.

Free hosting work with such a platform is extremely unprofitable and they cannot offer special functionality, so it is better to use a proven and confirmed one.


WordPress has a large audience and you won’t have to look for answers to your questions for a long time – numerous reviews and forums will help you, and it’s much easier to find like-minded people with partners.

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