What are the stages and timelines for the development of the online store

Creating an online store in 2022 is justified and relevant. Firstly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of online sales has increased by 300%. Secondly, the geography of people’s coverage is not limited: from one city to the whole world. Thirdly, starting to work online, you do not need to think about paying for renting premises or purchasing a large batch of goods. It is very convenient!

Features of the development of an online store

There are 2,000 stores in Ukraine with 10 orders per day. Many entrepreneurs quickly switched to the Internet. Moreover, it is very easy to open your own online store. You can contact an agency or a private specialist for help. To open your own online store you do not need to have special technical knowledge, you need business sense and desire.

Before you create an online store, you first need to choose the product that will be sold online. And it is desirable to know in what quantity. You should also study the issue of pricing, because even experienced businessmen have problems in this regard. In addition, it is important to collect quality content to fill the site: photo products, descriptions to them; description of benefits; information about the company; information about payment and delivery; articles; useful tips.

Stages of development

  1. Customer briefing.

A brief is a document with a list of questions, which helps the contractor better understand the client. It clarifies what the client’s requirements are, and how he sees the project as a result. The more detailed the answers to the questions, the better the contractor will do the job.

  1. Calculating the cost of development

Once the developer has all the necessary information about the project, he creates a specification and a costing. The cost of development is not easy to estimate. It depends on the order from the web studio / freelancer, the budget / scope of the project, the number of pages / products on the site, the experience of the developer.

  1. Negotiating the final price, signing the contract.

After calculating the final cost can make adjustments or even reject certain items. In drawing up the contract, it is recommended to detail the composition of work. Before signing the contract, the document should always check the lawyer.

  1. Designing .

The contractor begins to create prototypes of the main pages of the site. They indicate where there will be a link, text, images …

Once all the prototypes approved, the developer begins to design the site. This means: selecting colors for the site, selecting the basic images, preparing versions for different resolutions.

  1. Makeup

Dock the site on the ready-made layout – the best option. To detect problems during the make-up, you should test the pages: check adaptability to different devices, loading speed, cross-browser, spelling, etc. As the layout is ready, the programmer begins to work on programming the functionality and layout stretching in the CMS.

  1. Plugging in modules

If all the basic tasks are completed, then it’s time to connect additional plugins. Often use solutions such as: integration with social networks, payment aggregators, etc. Filling the site with content is most convenient to do with the help of imported price lists.

  1. Customer training, release.

When the online store is ready to launch, the developer of the site gives the customer all the documentation. The customer, in turn, must know how to manage it. At this stage there is still a release, which is checked by the tester.

If the site works, but there are suggestions to improve it or something to modify, you can use another project called “Redesign”.

Term of online store development is an average of 45 working days, but may be up to 3-5 months. The cost depends on the desired functionality and the specialist’s working hours. Given that the standard functionality spends about 200 hours, it will take at least 150,000 grn.

The development of an online store consists of a variety of diverse tasks. It requires a highly competent developer, labor costs and financial investments. However, the effort is worth it! Success to you in your endeavors!

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