Why it's important to blog on the site

Blogging is a declaration that the site is active, it is constantly filled with something new and interesting. Regular updating of information and presenting it in a lively “human” language shows that this is where life is in full swing, there is something to learn and what to learn. Blog is the soul of the site. It shows that it has something to tell and is ready to develop in order not to stand still.

It is easier to get involved in someone’s life, be it a person or even a business, just today. What you have in your plans, or what was there many months ago, is certainly interesting. To join the present day of your company or store through the prism of perception of a real person who blogs is worth a lot.

A website for business today is a sign of quality. A kind of DSTU, which shows that everything is open, legal, serious and has long-term prospects. There you can find regulatory documents, photos and videos, customer reviews and a lot of interesting things for a potential visitor. Blog this site is able to “revive”, add energy and bind it to today, and the promotion of the site without it will be sluggish. But this is a kind of public activity that not everyone is ready for.

The difficulties of blogging.

  • A blog is like a mortgage: it is good to have it, but the feeling of bondage does not leave. It is necessary to publish news and interesting facts, but a person is a living being. Today it is easy for him to do it, and tomorrow he may not have enough strength, health, mood to be active, after all.
  • The prospects are vague. Will such activity bring profit, recognition, or vice versa – burnout from lack of results.
  • Suddenly there will be no more topics? It is frightening that the muse can flinch and fly away at any stage of website promotion.
  • It is difficult to promote and develop your blog if you have never done it before.

And yet it is needed.

  • The prospects of development as a professional with blogging become more real. To “go live” on a daily basis, you need to constantly learn and look for new directions. This is reflected in a positive way on your real competencies.
  • Leaving the comfort zone becomes regular and pumps psychologically. The contradiction is that people who are creative, full of life, who have something to say, are often introverts. They do not want to be constantly in the public eye, they would rather spend resources on it than get it. And extroverts who love publicity often face the problem that they want to speak, but do not quite know what to say. Both of them, by blogging, benefit by acquiring the missing qualities.
  • There is an opportunity to be recognized by the professional community. Openness attracts not only those who need your services, but also those who are interested in your experience. To subscribe to a colleague in the shop means to recognize his merits to the profession.
  • There is a chance to increase income and attract more of those who need your activity. Publicity is always a wider choice, including your potential employers.

Hello, audience!

Who to focus on when making the first steps in publicity? Will people be interested in your research? It is impossible to answer for sure. It is true that there are few topics that will interest everyone, but a huge number are interesting for some part of the audience. It is important to make the right decision and decide where to start.

  • It is better to turn to the sector of your colleagues. You already understand this topic, it is not new for you. This gives some confidence.
  • Regularly try to “light up” where your colleagues gather. Conferences, websites, forums are suitable.
  • You can attract subscribers quickly through advertising or gradually through your own organic growth. The first is attention on credit, the second is slower but more reliable.

Website with a blog: mandatory bonuses.

Creating a blog on the site will help to advance in the following positions: attracting free traffic, ranking for low-frequency queries, encouraging regular updates by search engines, increasing social media coverage, building a reputation as an expert and improving conversion.

It’s up to you to decide whether to blog on your own or outsource it to a team of professionals. But this idea will pay off a hundredfold if you approach it seriously and thoughtfully. Public activity is important for career growth, for increasing income, for reputation, for getting pleasure from your activity and pumping resources.


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