How Google My Business works

Nowadays, promoting services and goods is becoming more difficult every day. Many tools have been created to facilitate this process. One of them is Google My Business service. It allows you to increase traffic to your website by posting information about your business on such sites as Google Maps, Google Hangouts. This will raise the site in search results, which in turn will improve the promotion of services and goods.

Why add a company to "Google My Business"

Recently, the demand for local search has been growing in search queries. This is due to both the increase in the number of mobile devices and the change in priorities. People try to “win more time” and therefore look for what they need near them.

Google My Business – allows you to add your business to a specific directory, from which information is taken by other services, such as: Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Search, which will increase the traffic and position of your site. To connect this service, the owner must provide information about his company: location, contact details.

“Google My Business” is perfect for the following companies:

fitness club; cafe; restaurant; cinema; entertainment and shopping centers; car dealerships; law firms. In the questionnaire “Google My Business” indicates information about the schedule, location, time of the busiest, the availability of additional amenities. Here customers can also view photos, reviews about your company and rating, and can leave their own review.

It is worth noting that the use of “Google My Business” significantly increases the effectiveness of other promotion tools of the Google family, because they are all interconnected. The visitor has the opportunity to start communicating with your consultants in correspondence or call them from one menu, go to the page of your site, build a route to you.

To connect to "Google My Business" you need:

  1. Create a Google Account;
  2. Go to and click “Add Company”;
  3. Fill in the name of the organization and the type of activity.
  4. specify your location.
  5. Mark the areas on the map where you want to display information about the company;
  6. specify the fields of activity of the company.
  7. add contact information (email, phone number);
  8. specify the work schedule;
  9. verify data – confirm website address, email, phone number, company address;
  10. specify additional options that distinguish your proposal among others;
  11. add a detailed description of the organization and photos.

Your company will need to be verified in order to be displayed. Google will send a letter to your physical address with a code, which you will have to enter in your cabinet.

How to promote a company in "Google My Business"

To attract new clients, it’s not enough to have your own account. Google will reflect your page, but if there is a similar company with a higher ranking next to it, it will see it first. To improve your company’s ranking you need to:

  • upload relevant photos and videos of your company;
  • provide feedback from users;
  • conduct regular advertising campaigns
  • add a catalog of your products to your profile
  • add all kinds of messengers

Google My Business” tool has a lot of possibilities to promote your website and attract new clients, which is a very powerful argument nowadays.

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