Why SEO doesn't work?

You have your own website and you promote it yourself or by hiring a web agency. The agency provides a report on the work done, introduces new technologies. And despite everything, there is no result, customers do not come, sales do not increase, the resource does not develop.

So why does not work to develop the site? Let’s take a look

Poor website traffic

This problem is not directly related to website optimization, but it has a negative impact on behavioral factors. Most often it is connected with the visual part of the site. To prevent this from happening, you need to

  • place a block with the main links in the header of the site;
  • simplify the structure of the site;
  • get rid of unreadable fonts;
  • work on text formatting;
  • correct micro-markup on the pages of the site.

If you are just going to create a website, we recommend analyzing the sites of your competitors that have high traffic

Lack of mobile version

Poor optimization of the mobile version also negatively affects the promotion of the site. Approximately 40% of visitors use the Internet with a smartphone and with the development of technology, this figure is growing. This should be taken into account when developing a website design, because what is good for the desktop version is not always suitable for the mobile version. Some tips for improving the mobile version:

  • collecting technical data on the display of pages on different devices;
  • implement dynamic display of content on the site;
  • use compressed images for mobile devices;
  • creating simplified navigation for smartphones,

Search algorithms will primarily display those that have mobile adaptation

Problems with technical optimization of the site

An unoptimized site also reduces the effectiveness of SEO. To develop the site, you should do the following

  • transfer the site to a secure HTTPS protocol;
  • get rid of long and incomprehensible URLs with a large number of characters;
  • pay due attention to filling in meta tags. Description and Title must contain the brand name and 1-2 main key phrases. Meta tags on pages should not be repeated;
  • remove broken links and duplicate content on the site;
  • perform technical optimization of the code to increase the page loading speed;
  • add the necessary pages to the Robots.txt file for indexing by search engines;
  • transfer the web resource to a new hosting if its capabilities do not allow you to use the functionality of the engine to the fullest;
  • reduce the size of images and the number of redirects.

To understand what exactly is the problem with your site, a comprehensive audit will help web studio Estetic web design

Placing low-quality content

Filling the site with spammed or non-unique content is almost a fatal problem, because it is one of the main SEO tools. To fix this, you need to:

  • place unique and useful content on the site;
  • optimize texts for relevant keywords;
  • use meta tags;
  • do internal linking on the site.

If you use third-party sites to post your content, you need to make sure that they are reliable. Use only trusted resources both when posting content and when purchasing links.

Incorrectly stored semantic core

Using highly specialized queries or using repetitive words will make your SEO optimization ineffective. To fix this, you should

  • make an audit of competitors’ sites and analyze which popular keys they use least often;
  • include low-frequency queries in the semantic core;
  • avoid spamming in the texts on the site pages;
  • refuse to post a large number of articles with the same keywords.

The list of problems can be much longer. For productive development of a website promotion strategy you should always carry out a comprehensive audit of the resource. Only after that you should count on a positive result

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