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Website development – a set of services that requires maximum return, both from the customer and the contractor. The key in it is to create communication and the better it will be, the quality will be the result. This article will help you find answers to all the main questions that you may have if you decide to order the development of the site.

By answering them, you will be able without the slightest problem to order the development of the site that will meet your expectations and will bring tremendous growth to your business.


Before we start developing the site, it is important for us to know what area of business you are in, what product you produce and what its specifics are. This can play a key role in future development. It is also worth understanding what you want to get out of the site, why it needs to be developed, how to stand up to competitors and what the key advantages of your product are.

Type of site

Next, you need to understand what type of site will meet your needs. It can be:

  • Landing page
  • Online store
  • Site-card
  • Catalog site
  • Corporate website

Choose the type of site should be based on the functionality it must contain. For information about a new product or service, suitable Landing page. If you need a website that will contain information about your entire company, then it is a corporate website. For the sale of goods with the possibility of online payment suits online store.


When developing the site should be a detailed statement of work with a description of all the requirements for the site. It is on its basis that your future site will be developed.


The CMS on the basis of which it will be developed will depend on the type of site you choose. For simple tasks such as a business card or Landing page it will be more practical to use WordPress, for an online store or catalogue site it is better to use OpenCart. If the project is too complex – development will take place using a framework.


You need to understand which audience your business is targeting, who your potential client is. This affects the design and structure of the future site. After all, what you like to young people will not always like a more mature user. This should be taken into account before developing the site.


Based on the type of site you need to decide what functionality to integrate on your site. You should also determine the number of language versions. In order to work in the Ukrainian market, it is necessary to have Ukrainian version of the site – it is required by law.

Budget and timeline

To get a good website, you need to start with the basics and gradually make refinements as needed. If your project is large-scale, it would be better to start with MVP, it will help to use both financial and time resources more rationally. Detailed budget and development timeframe can be found out only after a preliminary briefing.


Provide the entire list of services or products that you provide. This data affects the future structure of the site and, accordingly, the navigation on it. When the structure is ready it is evaluated by the SEO-specialist in terms of promotion and makes adjustments if necessary.


It is also worth thinking about content for the site. Stoke materials can be used, but they are ineffective. The best solution is to hire specialists who are able to create high-quality photo and video content and write unique texts. The cost of their services should be laid when formulating the overall budget. It is also necessary to think about who will be in charge of updating all the information.


Look at the websites of your competitors, preferably analyze even foreign resources. Choose for yourself, functional and design solutions that you liked, which you did not like also need to take into account.


Having your own logo and corporate identity will be good news for the designer. However, if you don’t have one, you should at least decide on the color style that will be used in the design. It is important that all video and photo content is consistent with the chosen color theme.


If you need to integrate with third-party services, you need to specify this in the ToR. For example:

  • Accounting system “1C”
  • CRM
  • SMS or E-mail messaging services
  • Payment services “LiqPay”, “EasyPay”
  • Delivery modules “Nova Postta
  • Chat-bot


Even the most detailed and well-designed site needs advertising, especially if the site is new. Users need to learn about your existence.

There are many methods and tools for this, it all depends on the budget you are willing to allocate for this work. Usually use:

  • Contextual advertising
  • SEO – promotion
  • Targeted advertising

Domain and Hosting

It is worth choosing a domain name even at the planning stage, especially if you want to get a .UA domain. You can get it only if you have a registered trademark (TM).

Choosing the hosting is recommended to use only verified hoster, it depends on the safety of your data as well as the speed and stability of your resource.

That's all)

By finding the answer to all these questions, you will gain an understanding of what you need. You will be open to ordering a website development and its successful implementation. Order a website development with Estetic web design to take your business to the next level.

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