Site load speed: how to check and increase

Site loading speed – one of the main parameters that affects the results of search results. Normal site load time is 1-3 seconds, it means that the site is properly optimized. If the site is loaded for 5 seconds or more, you need to fix it. According to statistics, the loading time of the site for more than 8 seconds, 30% of users leave the page without waiting for the site to load. Long loading time has a significant impact on the position of the site, there will be problems with indexation and deterioration of behavioral factors. How to optimize the site and avoid problems with its loading time, we are now telling.

What stages does the site load time consist of

To speed up the loading of the site and understand what it should be first you need to understand what this time consists of. The first time you open the site, the following steps are performed:

  • sending a DNS request to get the IP address of the server;
  • connecting to the server and setting up an HTTPS connection;
  • request the content of the HTML page;
  • waiting for a response from the server;
  • loading the HTML code;
  • forming the request queue in the browser;
  • loading CSS styles;
  • JS loading;
  • rendering web page content and launching JavaScript;
  • loading additional fonts;
  • uploading pictures, videos, and other media content;
  • loading pending JS code.

The first six items directly affect SEO performance. The content begins to load only after the sixth item, if the time exceeds 1 second, increasing the chance that the visitor will simply close the “hung” page. Full page load, depending on the content should take on average up to 3 seconds.

What is the threat of low site load speed

Poor optimization of the site entails the following problems:

  • the allocated budget for contextual advertising will be wasted because users will leave without waiting for the page to load, and the money for opening the page will be written off;
  • Google search engine results will not show your site – search algorithms also depend on the speed of page loading, if the time is too long, it will not be indexed;
  • decrease in the company’s ranking – long loading time will not please many of your visitors, respectively, you can not expect any recommendations from them.

If yours has a low load speed or high bounce rate (bounce rate), you can contact us, we will diagnose your site, identify gaps and will help with the elimination of deficiencies, correction of technical errors, refinement and redesign of your site

How to know the loading speed of the site

Special services are used to analyze the speed of the site:

  • PageSpeed Insights.
  • WebPageTest
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom Tools.

There are many other services that will help to analyze the loading speed of the site. In order to get a more realistic idea of the loading speed of the site, it is worth scanning the sites of your competitors and build on these figures.

How to improve website load speed

The following actions will help speed up the work of the site:

  • fine-tuning the server part. Configure Nginx and Apache servers, set caching parameters in the client browser, enable GZIP-compression. If the company is promoted in several regions, you must connect the CDN;
  • Reduce the number of redirects;
  • Remove unnecessary plugins;
  • reduce the resolution of graphics and change the image format to “light”. When working with large web pages, we recommend setting up dynamic image loading on scrolling;
  • optimize JavaScript and HTML. Remove annotations and cumbersome code;
  • reduce the number of elements on the page by means of CSS sprites;
  • adjust the order of loading fonts, styles and Java scripts;
  • reduce the number of HTTP requests;
  • create subdomains for parallel downloads.

If you have your own site, you should regularly analyze its performance. Changes on the hosting side can also affect the speed of the site. Estetic web design web studio will help you to monitor the proper work of the site.

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