Why feedback is so important

The use of new algorithms by search engine crawlers has forced the revision of site promotion strategies. Search engines began to pay great attention to the ratings of companies that are based on customer feedback. You should not ignore them, because their lack or negative impact on the position of the site in search results, as well as the rating and sale of goods.

How reviews affect conversion and behavioral factors

Studies show that when customers choose between similar products, 70% of buyers will choose the one with reviews (positive, of course). In addition, reviews allow you to learn additional information about the product:

  • the characteristics of the product;
  • the quality of service provided;
  • personal experience.

The ability to post reviews on the site not only increases the conversion rate, it also increases the customer’s time on the site, which in some cases can provide additional sales.

What role do reviews play in website promotion

In addition to improving conversion and behavioral factors, reviews are a good tool for SEO promotion. With their help you can:

  1. Write unique content for each product. Users write about their personal experience of using the product and communicating with the company.
  2. Add detailed photos of the product from different angles.
  3. Promote the site for low-frequency queries, because a review written by a real user rarely contains many keywords.
  4. Using illiterately written keywords. Unfortunately, in terms of development, but fortunately, in terms of site promotion, people write with mistakes both when leaving reviews and when entering a search query.
  5. As we talked about in the Google My Business article, people are searching nearby for what they need and it’s a lot of reviews that can lift a site to the top of a geo-request.

How to handle feedback

For feedback to be more effective, it must be handled properly:

  1. Often, customers will point out problems with the quality of service or problems with ordering, and this should be used to improve your business.
  2. Make the customer benefit from writing the testimonial, give them a bonus when they buy it or a discount.
  3. Respond to reviews, leave comments on them.
  4. Push positive reviews to the top.
  5. If you order reviews from copywriters, make sure they are “realistic.”

Testimonials are a great tool to increase website conversion, improve SEO promotion

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