How to increase site sales?

Site owners often complain that their product is useless and instead of income the costs increase. Created a website to attract the target audience and raise profits, but in the end the site is idle, there are no visits and what to do with it next is a mystery. We have collected for you some tips to revive your site.

The first advice, regardless of the reason why the site is idle, is to contact experts from Estetic web design. They can do a qualitative analysis of your resource and help in its promotion or improvement.

If you still want to sort out the problem yourself, then here are some tips for you

Usefulness and informativeness

There were mistakes made in the placement of content on the site

  1. The pages on your site focus too much on “themselves”, users rarely go to the site to learn about the company, more often they are looking for a way to solve a problem or purchase a product. Your website should contain information with tips on how to solve their problem, so that the visitor is interested in the service and understands that you can help them. Otherwise, the customer will close the page. You can use the service Google AdWords which shows in detail what users are looking for and you only have to adjust your content in accordance with their needs.
  2. Place information for a wide audience. It’s better to segment information and prepare unique content for each group of users. You can use the algorithm “Ladders of recognition” to divide the CA (target audience)
  • have a problem, but are not aware of it;
  • know about the problem, but do not know the solution;
  • choose a solution;
  • have already chosen a solution;
  • take action.


Repetitive content is ignored by both search algorithms and users, they are able to quickly identify stock content, which has a detrimental effect on the credibility of the site and its search positions. To maintain and improve the results you have achieved, you need to use unique content.

It can be created in several ways:

  • Order it from professionals. When content plays a decisive role in the decision, it is better not to save money and trust the work to professionals.

The plus – the material will be concise, structured and informative. Minus – the service is not free, and it is difficult to find a professional who knows the subject well.

  • Do it yourself

Plus – free, accurate understanding of the product. Minus – you can use the time you spend more productively; there are cases when it is difficult to clearly and structurally articulate your thoughts.

  • Use the image bank. The choice of photos is limited. The advantages include a high resolution.

Pexels; Freepik; Pixabay

Which communication channels to use

You’ve created quality content, but that’s not enough, you need to spread the word. The more users know about you, the higher the chance of finding your client.

The main methods of promotion:

  • Contextual advertising. A well-designed advertising campaign is guaranteed to increase targeted traffic. On the positive side, it is easy to distribute the budget, based on needs and opportunities. Here, as elsewhere, you can do everything yourself or trust the professionals from Estetic web design.
  • SEO optimization. Create content, optimize it for your target audience, insert key phrases, fill in the meta tags. Properly optimized pages will help search bots properly index content, which in turn improves the search performance of the Web resource.
  • Targeted advertising (promotion through social networks)

Before you start an advertising campaign, you should analyze the social network, or more precisely, the analysis of its target audience:

Instagram – women (47,2%) men (52,8%) from 20 to 35 years old

Facebook – men (56.8%) and women (43.2%) from 25 to 44 years.

The main advantages – the precise targeting of the audience, low cost of promotion, increased reach due to virality.

  • Messengers. Popular channels of information exchange and direct communication with the consumer. Supplement and replace telephones, e-mail.

Analysis and testing

And lastly. Don’t do everything at once, you need to approach the issue step by step to understand what worked for you and what needed to be fine-tuned.

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