WordPress and the benefits of development

WordPress is a website content management system (CMS for short). Some people love this program very much, but there are also those who are terribly annoyed by it. Why? We will answer this question in this article.

Launching the program
A good advantage is the undemanding nature of the site to launch. It is very simple to install hosting and you can use it very easily and quickly.

Navigation and the logic of building the program are very simple and do not require special skills. All buttons are signed, so you can safely make decisions based on intuition. It was meant that this platform would be designed for blogs, but webmasters liked it more.

The program is absolutely free and this is its big plus. You can run a simple blog, or you can do something really serious without paying a penny at the same time. The basic functionality is quite enough, but if anything, the add-ons are quite inexpensive.

Adaptive layout
WordPress includes a layout that helps to adapt the site to any device. The ideal solution for those who are intensely watching the details of their site, because the WordPress engine will transfer everything safely.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

The official plugin database is developed by third-party programmers, but this does not affect its quality in any way. They greatly expand the capabilities of WP. Themes are most often sold for money, but there is a set of basic themes that can be used for free.


Jetpack protects the site from hacking, spam and viruses, and also improves the performance and speed of promotion of your resource.
Akismet checks comments for spam and inappropriate content, and is a good system for monitoring.
bbPress can turn a small blog into a professional forum
There are still a lot of similar plugins and themes, and they are constantly updated, which attracts different webmasters very much.


WordPress also helps well in SEO and makes promotion on the web as comfortable as possible, as well as some plugins of the program optimize content and have many more tools for convenient operation, for example, a site markup tool or meta tag placement. A lot of processes are automated, which is an undoubted plus.


Any materials and structures of the site have nothing to do with its visualization. You can change all the colors, pictures or any other design elements, but all the buttons will remain in their places. Any radical change in style will not break anything.

This opens up a lot of opportunities to expand the functionality and simplifies the work of programmers, as well as saves a lot of money and time.
You can find ready-made code, you can add your own, you can use it by default-whatever you want.


Many hosting companies offer you to install WordPress to make your work more comfortable. In this case, we are talking about popular paid hosting companies that cooperate with the creators of the program.

Free hosting work with such a platform is extremely unprofitable and they cannot offer special functionality, so it is better to use a proven and confirmed one.

WordPress has a large audience and you won’t have to look for answers to your questions for a long time – numerous reviews and forums will help you, and it’s much easier to find like-minded people with partners.

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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What is micro markup and what is it for

Micro markup is the markup of a page with additional marks and functions. Also, it helps with the search and a clearer understanding of the information on the website, and it helps to display the content more correctly. So, the micro-markup of the product card will allow search robots to understand. Where is the price of the product indicated, where is its description submitted, and where is the photo

The use of semantic markup improves the representation of a fragment of our resource in search results. With the help of such a fragment, the user will be able to immediately understand whether this page is the right one. Which he needs, and get important information about products / services, even before visiting your site. That is, micro-markup allows you to make the site more customer-oriented, not only from the point of view of search engines, but also Internet users. In addition, it helps to increase the clickability (CTR) in the output. And this is one of the behavioral factors taken into account by search engines.

Semantic micro-markup of the site: what is it?​

Semantic markup or micro markup is the markup of web pages using tags and attributes. Which help robots (search engines, social networks, etc.) to understand what is written on each page or a separate block of content. Micro markup consists of syntax and a dictionary.

A dictionary is a set of words that belong to classes and have certain properties. Which are used to specify the content on the page. In other words, it is a kind of language for the search algorithm, in which it recognizes what is specifically written on a certain section of content by reading the term. For example, “name”, “image”, “title”, etc.

Syntax is a way of using a dictionary that determines which tags the content is indicated by. What meaning and properties they carry. Micro markup has been used by developers for a long time. Since its introduction, various dictionaries have been used. And sometimes developers have to implement a new standard on a site with embedded micro-markup, and the customer has to spend money on it.

This is done because developers want to make more money on customers. And because search engines always pursue trends in the development of dictionaries and issue their recommendations based on them. The trend of popular dictionaries has changed and PS are updating their recommendations. SEO specialists and webmasters have to adapt to them.

What does micro-markup do in general?

First of all, it improves the appearance of the site in search results, makes fragments more beautiful, more useful, more informative and more interesting for the Internet user. Snippet is a small information block that briefly describes the content of the page to the user based on his request. Links in social networks also change, become clearer and more attractive to click: pictures, page names, author, etc. are pulled up. Speaking in general terms, thanks to micro-markup, any services in which a robot is built to read it, understands and perceives the content on the site much better.

How important is micro-markup for Google, social networks and does it affect the output

Markup does not directly affect the output of the website or its conversion. But it carries a significant benefit. It affects the snippet and makes it wider. Which, in turn, gives more useful information and is more attractive to users. This pushes them to go to the site from the search page. Google search algorithms like order and are more “respectful” of simple and high-quality resources. Micro-markup of the site is another point that relates to the order, so beloved PS.

With the help of semantic markup, a site matrix is created. From which the search engine algorithm reads the information. The site becomes more understandable for him, trust in him increases, ranking improves. Which indirectly affects the search results. From the user’s point of view, the correct fragment also helps a person to understand what will be discussed on the page even without visiting it. He makes a conclusion for himself whether he will be interested in her or not. If desired, the information in the snippet can be changed at any time and this will not affect the position of the site in the output in any way.

It is also worth noting that if the site has incorrect markup, this will in no way affect the search engine output result. And just the PS will not show it, but in case of very gross violations of the markup rules, a special filter can be imposed on the site. But from the user’s point of view, a good micro markup, thanks to which a beautiful fragment is formed, gives great benefits. Speaking in numbers, it was found that with a cool snippet CTR (clickability index) can grow by 2-3%. And this is a good increase in visitors to the page and a potential profit for business.

Types of micro -markup

Semantic micro-markup is a product of long-term development by many programmers. The result was a large number of dictionaries. Which are used for various purposes today. The most popular is Open Graph – it is with this micro-markup that all social networks work. Micro-markup based on this dictionary is being developed on modern websites to simplify the task of work. The second most popular is the dictionary .

It improves the quality of search, helps to create high-quality metadata, is an initiative of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft. Outdated. But there is still a recognized dictionary – Data Vocabulary, with which bread crumbs and contacts were designated. Today, few people use it, but search engines are still loyal to it. Therefore, if the micro-markup of your site is based on this dictionary. And this is done correctly and efficiently, then it can not be changed yet, so as not to spend money.

Syntax of semantic markup and variants of their combination with dictionaries

The HTML code fits various entities, tags that describe what is specifically described on the site. The markup syntax is responsible for how the essences will be described. Today there are only 4 types of it: Rdf, JSON-LD, microdata and microformats. It is important to say that microformats have lost their relevance today.

It is unlikely that modern SEO specialists will recommend you to use it on your website. This syntax can be read according to its old standards, but at the same time in their help search engines and developers themselves they recommend using other implementation options. Therefore, we will not focus on it, so as not to waste your time on unnecessary information.


Microdata is written using several key attributes: itemscope, itemtype and itemprop, which indicate, disclose and describe the entities included in the HTML code. Microdata is mainly marked up visible content on the site, that is, the implementation goes exactly to the page in the visible part of the HTML document.Secondly, after drawing up the TOR, it is possible to say the exact terms and estimate the cost of the project. If you have a typical task, then you can use our calculator.

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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Basic principles of website development

Website development is a cumulative process. It is necessary for the client to focus a lot of attention on certain accents of development and coordination, in turn, the developer must be competent enough.

Building communication between the client and the implementing company plays a major role in the effectiveness of creating a good website. We have selected all the main points that need to be clarified in order to proceed with ordering the site.

You can start developing a website by forming answers to questions. Which will perfectly match your needs and taste, and bring maximum benefit to the business.

An idea and a unique trade offer for development

The choice of the type of site is to accurately determine the functionality that it will perform, if its purpose is to provide one service, then Landing page is suitable. If you need a multi–page website where you need to describe the services and details about the company – corporate.

In order to sell a wide range of goods by bank transfer, you will need an online store. If you need to post regular posts, as well as interesting news, then an information portal is suitable for you.

In order to expand the functionality of the site, in the future it may receive various elements from different types of sites, if necessary. You will come to the final attention in the process of consulting with developers, but strategy planning should be carried out in advance.

Technical specification​ on website development

At the first stage of development, you need to draw up a technical specification with a detailed description of the project requirements.

In the future, developers will focus on it at all stages of project development. Below we have listed the items that should be present in it.

Website management system and its development

We will choose a CMS for you depending on your needs and begin development. It can be a simple Tilda constructor, or WordPress for the design of a corporate website. If you have a project at a higher level and no CMS fits their criteria, then development is carried out from scratch using various frameworks.

Target audience

First you need to decide which audience the project will be designed for, whether this audience will become users of the site. How and how he will be able to interest them, and then proceed to development. A lot will depend on the age, gender, wealth and social status of the audience, because the style of the site will be filled depending on these criteria.

Solutions that are optimal for young people are unacceptable for older people, good for rich women, unlikely to appeal to middle-income men.Solutions that are optimal for young people are unacceptable for older people, good for rich women, unlikely to appeal to middle-income men.

Products belonging to the same group can be designed for different target audiences. So, from the product that will be sent to the buyer, it affects the future approach to the structure of the site and the functionality for ordering. Therefore, you need to take everything into account at the very beginning of the project development.

Development of a functional

You need to plan what functions should be present on the site. This can be: a personal account, an online calculator, importing goods via an XML file, and everything that you and visitors will interact with.

If you have a desire, but for the site to have such a command as “site search”, then you need to specify this, after that you need to work out exactly how the search should work: search only by products or by blog? Do you need a regular search or a morphological one? And if the brand name is entered with an error? All this needs to be thought through to accurately estimate the cost of the project.

Therefore, do not forget about the multilingualism of the site, for example, if you plan to work in the Ukrainian market, then you will definitely need a version in Russian, because this is required by Ukrainian legislation.

Budget and terms of development

Firstly, no one will make a lot of sites for one month and a thousand dollars. To get a quality product, it is worth starting with the basic functions and gradually refine them if necessary.

Secondly, after drawing up the TOR, it is possible to say the exact terms and estimate the cost of the project. If you have a typical task, then you can use our calculator.

Structure development

Therefore, you need to prepare a list of services or product categories. Which the company will provide, because the structure of the site and the ease of navigation on it will depend on it.

Firstly, in order to develop the structure of the site, we use various tools. In which we create a so-called tree, or a structure with all semantic elements and relationships. We plan what is responsible for what, and where it will lead.

Secondly, when the structure is ready, it should be analyzed by SEO analysts and usability experts. After that, they conduct an assessment in terms of further promotion and convenience, make their own adjustments, if necessary.

Content development

Do you need to decide what content will be posted on the site, from where texts, photos and videos will be selected? And the best solution for this would be to hire professional photographers, for high-quality photos, copywriters, for unique texts and content writers. The costs of such services should be taken into account when forming the overall budget.

If the information requires constant updates, then you need to choose who exactly will fill the site with content.


You need to analyze the market and pick up a few examples on your topic. Also, do not forget that you need to focus not only on local competitors, but also do not lose sight of colleagues from other countries, especially from Western Europe and the USA. Write down their functional and design solutions you would like to see on your website. Don’t forget to describe what you DON’T like.

Development design

If there is already a ready-made logo and corporate identity of the company, then this will be very good news for designers, if there are no such elements, then you need to at least choose the style and color scheme that will be involved in the design.

Also, we would like to note that it is important at the start of development to see the photos that will be shown on the pages, because they are an important element on which the style of the site is built.


You may need to interact with third-party services, and this must be specified, and such platforms include.

All this information should be covered in the terms of reference

An important part is promotion, even if your site is ready and is a great product, people still need to know about it. There are many methods of website promotion to attract the attention of the target audience.

You need to distribute it immediately, the budget will be laid, and how you will use it, hire staff for this, or place such an order on outsourcing – the answers to all these questions need to be thought out in advance. The following segments are mainly used for promotion:

Domain and hosting​

Decide in advance on the site domain, especially if it concerns the .UA domain level. It is possible to get such a domain only after trademark registration, and this may take a considerable time.

Also decide on which hosting will be hosted on the site. For a small corporate website, regular hosting is enough, the price of which starts from $ 5 per month.
An online store with tens of thousands of products and a planned large attendance requires a dedicated server and additional setup costs.

What's next?​

Having answered all these questions and described them, you will get a sufficient foundation to understand where to start developing a website and decide what exactly you need to get as a result. This will greatly simplify the work and undoubtedly make the result more accurate and effective for your business.

Further, only a professional performer is needed to create the implementation of your ideas. Contact only those who have a good portfolio, experience and reputation that inspires trust. Proper training and work of real site specialists guarantees success with the audience, and significant growth for the business.An online store with tens of thousands of products and a planned large attendance requires a dedicated server and additional setup costs.

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages

The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have started to go online. Expanding the border of e-commerce, and it will not only be about working with the consumer.

And also about the fact that the business directly reaches its audience. But he also does not forget to develop in B2B e-commerce, and this gives this direction to develop more and more stable and mainstream. And in order to successfully compete in the market, e-commerce needs to be introduced into the business.

Advantages of e-commerce implementation

Competitiveness and its increase do not arise by itself. This is caused by a different set of factors that will help your business improve and achieve better results. Such advantages are given to you by the introduction of e-Commerce.

Sales automation and bringing business online

Undoubtedly, digitalization and online access is one of the main results of the introduction of such systems. And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about B2B or B2C e-commerce. In both cases, when you go online, you will need certain software. As a result of the decisions you have made, sales will go much faster and easier. Because the customer can make an order without leaving home. And you, in turn, collect and process orders in a system where you can conveniently process them.

Customer service at a high level

Orders are received and processed as quickly as possible, because up-to-date information about the product is available to them. And thanks to this, users make the right decisions. And we want to note that this method replaces the department of sales consultants. Also, your site works around the clock, and the availability of technical support and FAQ will help solve the existing problems.

Maximum comfortable use for customers

Customers who use your platform get a comfortable shopping experience through the network. Because two conditions are taken into account. Firstly, they are in a comfort zone, seeing a PC in front of them. And at the same time, they are safe and have the time they need in their location. Secondly, the designer gives the client a design that will help better interact with your platform.

Additional benefits

The system is easy to administer

If you have a system to manage most processes. Then the control becomes much more comfortable and productive. Also, your resource consists of many blocks or embedded systems that are integrated. It can be administered from a single control center. The e-Commerce B2B system has the ability to manage modules, products and pricing for the client.

Minimizing the risk of downtime, deadlines and loss of trust

Disadvantages that manifest themselves in the number of inventory balances or data synchronization. Lead to the cancellation of the order due to the fault of the seller, or to a delay in the execution of the order. And one of these problems basically leads to the loss of the client and his trust. And e-Commerce will allow you to manage data and processes. And it will ensure the accuracy and error-free interaction with the client.

High level of security

We would like to note that all the data that you store is protected. Because the system is reliable and provides access to data of a certain level. Which is allowed for User authorization and all data in the database is subject to instant recovery in case of unforeseen situations. You don’t have to worry about mixed orders or data loss, you won’t face such problems with e-Commerce.

E-commerce systems:

When there is a need to create an e-commerce system. Then there is a need to choose a system solution. Even if at first glance it seems that they are all similar, do not forget that they all have different goals and objectives. This is a rather difficult choice so that it does not cause financial difficulties for the company. You need to clearly define what goals you are pursuing by implementing the software.

There are many additional factors to consider when choosing. For example, what is the target audience of your project, for whom you are doing it. In this article we will tell you about the main types of E-commerce. To make it easier for you to determine which solution is best suited for your company.

  • Mobile applications are the most frequent choice of online stores, because it is very convenient for the client. Mobile apps duplicate your main platform, but it’s much easier to understand them. Their main advantage is that the buyer interacts with your brand from the phone. Which increases the likelihood of choosing your products. Any of the above types of online commerce can be included in the Mobile Application.
  • B2B portals – this option is well suited for establishing strong ties with business partners. So it is with wholesale customers. The principle of operation of B2B portals is very similar to online retail stores. But it is worth noting that it has much more possibilities, as well as the level of customization.
  • Electronic trading platforms (ETP) – such a resource is interesting because it not only gives the seller the opportunity to find a buyer. But it also guarantees both sides the security of the transaction. On Internet platforms of this type, tenders are often played out or, for example, auctions are held, which helps to search for potential customers.
  • Corporate websites-this type of E-commerce has a great impact on the overall system of digital solutions of your company. If you need to create a certain image for the brand and make it recognizable to customers. Then it will suit you well. It also contributes well to attracting employees.

Variety of choices

  • Catalog sites are the best option for selling products that have a specific specification. This platform will help to familiarize the buyer in detail with the product, as well as its characteristics and price. A detailed description of the product will help the buyer with the choice of your online store.
  • Personal accounts are a good opportunity to personalize each purchase. Unique offers for the guests of your site will greatly increase the chance of finding regular customers. Who will choose exactly your site as for wholesale. So it is for retail purchases. Through one such platform, it is possible to provide for the operation of all channels simultaneously.
  • Individual web solutions allow you to customize a unique platform specifically for your company. And then opportunities open up for solving very specific tasks.
  • Mobile apps are the most frequent choice of online stores. Because it is very convenient for the client. Mobile apps duplicate your main platform, but it’s much easier to understand them. Their main advantage is that the buyer interacts with your brand from the phone. Which increases the likelihood of choosing your products. Any of the above types of online commerce can be included in the Mobile Application.

Individual web solutions are such tools. Which provide a set of features tailored exclusively for your company and its tasks.

Mobile applications are the most popular type of software, which is almost always bundled with other solutions. It is mobile applications, repeating the functionality of your main resource, that allow users to interact with your brand from a smartphone as conveniently as possible.

Make the right decision

Perhaps you have considered ready-made solutions as an alternative to custom development. Perhaps you have not yet decided which tool you need. There will be a lot of choices in front of you, the main thing is to make the right one. Let me give you some tips:

  • Study as much information as possible about all the options before choosing one of them. If there is only one option, you still have a choice – to agree to it or not – so study everything about it.
  • Compare all possible paths. Individual development or a package solution? If it is a package solution, then what is the set of them on the market)? if individual development, which contractor (there are no fewer of them than package solutions)? Make lists or checklists for yourself, take your time.
  • Consult with specialists. You can hire a specialist to help you make all the choices on your way. You can go this way yourself by asking questions to individual specialists. But in any case, you will not have enough information from the network. Using the example of individual development, we can never say in advance the exact price and timing of development for our clients, because each project is individual.
  • Therefore, we recommend contacting us for consultation with the manager. Who will study your situation and will be able to offer a solution, orient the cost and time. Feel free to ask and make decisions based on more concrete facts than the article on the company’s website. You can consult with many experts from different companies. Analyze all the information received and come to your personal decision.

We will be happy to help you with the development of an e-commerce system. But first we will be happy to provide you with important information and answer all your questions. To do this, leave a request on the website, then our manager will contact you in the near future.

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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How does digital transformation help businesses grow?

Digital transformation is one of the types of new technologies in the company’s business processes. They are mainly used for the development of business activities and its changes. And due to this, it becomes more efficient and more profitable.

This transformation is aimed at improving the quality of service through the latest technologies. And recently, the introduction of social networks into the business sphere can be called a revolution.

Due to the revolutionary transition, companies have gained a great advantage over their competitors. At the moment, many processes are running quickly and efficiently. Others can lead to a long transformation, and at which distance can provoke a negative effect. For example, when some customers refuse due to unwillingness to accept innovations. However, the right approach to digital transformation and the introduction of effective tools will help to “digitize” the company and expand opportunities

Why is business undergoing a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is growing at a rapid pace and a few years ago the business was promoted exclusively locally.  And advertising was distributed only through newspapers, advertisements and the distribution of business cards. But after a certain period of time, websites appeared, and the business began to enter the Digital space. And in parallel, he put forward advertising on television. AI and machine learning are also actively developing.

According to various analytical companies, today, many companies have begun to actively introduce AI into business. Also, we would like to note that many have started or are planning to carry out digital transformations and start using AI in the near future.

Why is this happening because of digital transformation?

Here are a few reasons:

Such technology as digital business transformation is a long and complex process. And it is almost impossible to carry out this process independently, so the help of specialists is required here.

What is the digital transformation of a company?

Yes, this topic has already managed to fill everyone’s teeth. However, many still mistakenly believe that digital transformation is simply the creation of websites. Of course, the website is the most noticeable part of the departure of the business into the ”digital”, but that’s not all.

The main essence of transformation lies in the changes that affect the device and processes of your company. At the same time, you may not even have a website for customers. But automation and optimization of processes will take the company to a new level.

The main task of digital transformation is to make business management even easier and more efficient. So that most routine tasks are performed automatically. This way your employees will be able to focus on more important strategic tasks.

An integrated approach brings the greatest effect when you transform all processes.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation


Digital Transformation technology

  • Modern CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, SAAS and database tools. These are systems that help you manage certain areas of business: customer relations, resources, warehouse, transport, data. There is even an opportunity to use your software as an additional source of income.
  • Advanced analytics. The data you have is a very valuable asset, you can’t let it disappear aimlessly. Thanks to the tools, you can use them to track the effectiveness of your processes. This way you will be able to find shortcomings in the company and correct them, improve them and turn them into advantages.
  • AI and machine learning solutions. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. After all, this is an opportunity to entrust decision-making to a machine. Which is constantly being trained based on your own data. The effectiveness of training and the correctness of decision-making depends on the amount of data. The more information there is, the easier it is for the algorithm to make accurate and correct conclusions.
  • Internet of Things. The use of devices placed in the places you need: on a person, on the ground, on equipment or transport. To obtain the necessary information, make forecasts and make decisions. For example, in medicine, this technology is used to track the condition of patients and make diagnoses. In logistics – to monitor the condition of machines, in the agricultural sector – to obtain information about the weather and soil condition.
  • Robotics and Process Automation (RAP) – robots have been performing a lot of repetitive simple processes for a long time. Their implementation in the work of your company can increase its efficiency at times. Of course, such a transformation also implies the development of special software for controlling robotics.

Key stages of digital business transformation

  • Definition of the transformation area. First of all, it is necessary to set a clear goal. What exactly do you want to transform? How deep? The task needs to be solved and what goal should be achieved? Without specific answers to these questions, you will not be able to achieve results. This means that all efforts (and resources) will be wasted.
  • Budget definition. When you have decided what exactly you need to digitalize, you can also talk about the budget for the “figure”. This may not be easy, so we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with possible solutions and their cost. Estimate the payback and profitability of their implementation. Specific cases in your niche can help.
  • Development of a route map. Everything is simple here, if we depict all our planned steps graphically, then we will get a route map. But having specific initial data, the digitalization map can be detailed.
  • Selection and implementation of digital solutions. You will have to decide which solutions and tools you will use for your transformation. Then find a contractor who will create them for you and bring the plan to life.
  • Training of employees to work with new technologies. Your staff will have to master new processes and digital tools, it will take time and certain resources. And your task is to organize the transition process competently.
  • Rejection of outdated technologies. Perhaps you have already had some point solutions, or tools that have not shown effectiveness. Sometimes they can be integrated with new solutions, but in general it is better not to stick to the old and switch to modern platforms as soon as possible.

Website promotion on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular engine for Internet information resources. Many advantages of this CMS, for example, a free license, ease of operation and the ability to connect plug-ins that expand the functionality of the platform, have ensured its popularity not only among blog owners.

A huge number of different WordPress plugins greatly expand the capabilities of the platform. This makes WP an almost universal CMS, which is used to create corporate websites, online stores and other types of Internet resources.

But simplicity in development and management does not guarantee the profitability of the site. One of the most important factors is the possibility of its promotion. Fortunately, sites on an ancient platform are quite suitable for SEO, and in this article we want to share the main recommendations for optimizing such resources.

What you should pay attention to on WordPress

To avoid difficulties in the future, optimization should be considered even when creating a website. In particular, the effectiveness of promotion may be affected by the choice of a domain name, as well as a hosting provider. Many optimizers recommend using a word associated with your niche as the domain name. This is not a mandatory selection criterion, but it can have a positive effect on ranking. In any case, your domain name should be short and readable to make it easier for users to remember it.

In any case, your domain name should be short and readable to make it easier for users to remember it. If you buy an already registered domain to avoid the sandbox, make sure that it has not previously fallen under the filters of search engines.Website hosting is also important. If, under the terms of the contract with the provider, a lot of advertising is placed on your site, this negatively affects the user experience and positions. The server must be located in your country, or close to it, and how this will affect the speed of the resource for users. Next, let’s talk about the main technical factors of website promotion on WordPress.

Setting up site indexing On WordPress

Indexing is the collection of information by a search engine about the content of a site. Based on this information, the PS algorithms determine which queries users can get a relevant response to, as well as how valuable your content is in comparison with other resources. If for some reason indexing went wrong, some or even all pages of your site may not be included in the search results. First of all, make sure that the site is open for indexing at all. To do this, go to the settings section in the WordPress admin panel. If there is a mark in the “visibility for search engines” item that prohibits indexing, remove it.

Setting up robot.txt on WordPress

After that, you need to make sure that the file is correct robot.txt . It is located in the root directory of the site. This file is used by search engine bots to determine which content needs to be indexed. In robot.txt the following types of content and pages should be closed from indexing. To do this, use the Disallow directive. Example: Disallow: * / comments/. And here is the image in robot.txt as a rule, they are closed for indexing. If you specify the Alt attribute when uploading and specify the relevant name, then the images may attract additional traffic from the image search, so it is better to remove the ban on indexing them. Also in this file you need to specify the path to the site map (sitemap.xml ), which we will talk about later.

Creating a map for search bots for WordPress

The URL of the pages should not consist of a random set of characters. This makes it difficult for users to navigate on the site, and therefore negatively affects its positions in the search results.

To fix this, go to your admin Settings. Select the “Permanent links” section and specify the best option for you to generate a URL. We recommend by the name of the entry – so users in the address will be able to see the name of the page they are on, as well as the shortest path from it to the ”main”.

Optimization of meta tags

For the convenience of working with meta tags, we also recommend installing a plugin, namely Yoast. After installation, the “SEO” item will appear in your admin panel. Go to it and select “Headers and Metadata”.

Here you can automatically find duplicated or incorrect title and description in the “General” section. You can change the title of the selected page in the title section, and specify the description in the field under the “Meta description” item.

Basic requirements for meta tags on WordPress

  • unique for each page;
  • must be readable, and not consist of a set of keys;
  • the title should briefly convey the subject of the page;
  • the description should encourage users to go to the site.

Meta tags are very important when optimizing, as they allow search engines to more accurately determine the subject of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my WordPress site suitable for promotion?

WordPress is a comprehensive and flexible CMS (content management system) that allows you to create websites of almost any type.

How much does it cost to promote a website on WordPress?

The promotion of sites based on CMS WordPress depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are the history of the domain, previous work on the site, the overall quality of the website, industry and competition, as well as many other elements that should be carefully analyzed to determine the cost of promotion.

How to promote websites on WordPress?

Website promotion on WordPress is basically similar to the promotion of other CMS. The main pillars of any effective promotion are website optimization, creating a natural link structure and creating unique and valuable content. The process based on the above-mentioned elements allows obtaining satisfactory results in the long term in the form of stable high keyword positions and increasing the visibility of the website.

How long does it take to promote a WordPress site?

Promotion is a continuous process. This also applies to the positioning of websites based on WordPress CMS. Obtaining the initially intended results requires further expansion of the website in order to strengthen them and further increase visibility on the Internet.

What is native advertising?

It looks organic and the content fully corresponds to the subject. Native advertising does not cause rejection among readers when compared with traditional banner advertising. After all, it is considered more often by 53%. A quiz can also apply to native advertising. In which people can participate, with certain goods. But at the same time, no product is advertised, and such advertising is relative and relevant to the audience.

Also, every person passes it through himself every day in different channels and formats. For example, in the morning edition on the radio, the announcer broadcasts about traffic jams in different parts of your city. Along the way, he can advise a specific application to monitor this issue in real time. It is unlikely that such an advertisement will annoy someone, since it corresponds to the topic and is relevant at the moment.

In short, the purpose of native advertising is to offer the user high–quality and useful information that will meet the advertiser’s goals. That is, to be in the right place at the right time.

Advantages of native advertising

  • Not afraid of AdBlock. The free AdBlock extension for Google Chrome easily cuts out banner ads, but leaves the native one, since it is an integral part of the page content.
  • Bypasses banner blindness. Users have long had a strong immunity to advertising through its ubiquity. People have learned to successfully ignore it when working on the Internet, which is called banner blindness. Native advertising knows how to avoid it, because it offers readers only what they are interested in.
  • It is not always perceived as advertising. Not every user will notice and identify the advertisement, for example, when listening to the morning radio, which was mentioned earlier. Someone will ignore it, and someone will determine how useful the advice is.
  • Has a high credit of trust. Websites and blogs that publish native advertising are responsible for it, as they value their reputation. Reputable sites conduct a fact check before publication, that is, they check the advertiser’s service or product for quality. Moreover, the reputation and trust of the audience stimulate the sites to participate in the creation of content for native advertising for a separate cost. Therefore, regular readers will not perceive such advertising as a simple jeans.
  • Multichannel and flexible format. Native advertising is well suited for any websites, blogs, applications, social networks. And it can be submitted in any format: an article, an interview, an infographic, a video, instructions, and so on.

Disadvantages of native advertising

  • Requires unique content. Since native advertising differs from banner advertising, it cannot simply be launched in the form of the same format on hundreds of sites. The content must be unique and correspond to the theme of the site on which it is placed. Moreover, it should be different for each channel and format. Creating unique and high-quality content takes a lot of time and requires a specialist.
  • High cost. This disadvantage is explained by the previous one. Each resource and format needs unique content that will match its specifics. A post for social networks, Photos for Instagram, an article for a blog, videos for YouTube — all this requires a separate budget allocation, because you need a specialist who will only deal with native advertising.

Types, formats and examples of native advertising

  • Publications in social media news feeds
  • Review
  • Listing
  • Special Projects
  • Sponsored materials

CMS for an online store

CMS (management system) is important to determine at the very beginning of the development of an online store, because there are different tasks for which different solutions are suitable and the cost of implementation may differ.

Types of CMS for creating an online store

The most popular boxed solutions are Bitrix, WordPress, Shopify, Tilda, Opencart, Joomla and a number of other platforms. Paid CMS are used less often than free ones. This is due to the fact that their cost is not only the need to buy an engine. But also in the regular purchase of extensions and add-ons. The features of such systems are unreasonable. Because even online support is paid.

Free CMS

Shopify, Tilda, Opencart, Joomla and others. CMS, which are used most often and have a huge community of developers. It is not difficult to find a cheap or free module to expand the functionality of your site. There are also many improvements and changes available, because there may be parts of the encoded code in the control system. The cost of writing and refining unique functions is usually lower than on paid CMS.

Self-written CMS and framework

Let’s talk about creating your own management system on frameworks. Now there are quite a few popular self-writing CMS in different programming languages. For PHP at the moment, the most popular framework is Laravel. Such a solution makes it possible to realize any idea. In functionality, you are limited only by the time of development and implementation of your ideas and means. Of course, the price and development time are higher than on ready-made SAAS solutions.

Firstly, this is due to the fact that you need to do everything from scratch, including the admin panel. There is also a big risk to entrust the development to a beginner. And get a product with poorer quality and bugs. Than on the same boxed control system. The control system is more convenient to use, and the speed of operation. It is necessary to start such development with a qualitatively formulated technological task. And a full understanding of what should happen in the end. Designing and proper planning is the key to success. Before you start developing a distressed project, you definitely need to read our article – What you need to know before you start developing a website.

Popular CMS for online stores

Today, there are a large number of CMS charts on the Internet. And each of them occupies different places in the ranking. To date, it is really difficult to make a plausible CMS rating. But in almost every chart there are CMS such as:

  • WordPress
  • Tilda
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Presta shop
  • 1С-Bitrix
  • Jumla

Popular CMS for online stores

The most popular solution is WordPress. It is one of the first management systems that was created in web development. For a long enough period of time, quite a lot of developed sites have accumulated on it. At first it was a blog engine, but over time it began to grow with a large number of modules and plugins. And one of these modules is WooCommerce, which allows you to formulate the usability of an online store. We also use WordPress quite often to create websites of all kinds.

But using some modules or plugins to create an online store is irrational for some reasons. And one of the reasons is a security issue. It has convenient management in the admin panel for an informative website, but it is not convenient for an online store, because the CMS was not intended for an online store in the first place. There is also a problem with the speed of operation and optimization of settings. Moreover, competitive management systems are an important detail. Because they are more suitable for this role. It is difficult to categorize other management systems, because their popularity depends on their location.

When do I need a self-made online store?

1. When you have a desire to create a unique website with a number of solutions that are not available in ready-made CMS, and your business needs a new approach.

2. Your project involves a high workload and a large number of visitors, as well as goods and services.

3. A security system that will be unique to your project. Because open source CMS have a number of vulnerabilities. Which are little-known, and writing a personal management system will minimize the risk.

4. You need to make a lot of synchronizations with various resources.

5. Development of a mobile application for an online store, and this will require the development of an API for the interaction of site and application data. And you need to lay this point first during development.

Which management system to choose for an online store

Firstly, the well-known control systems have a rather large difference from their own developments. And this difference lies in the appearance, convenience and functionality of the admin control panel of the site.
Secondly, the most widely used control system, this panel is ready-made, and the developer mainly makes small adjustments. And for a developed CMS on frameworks, you need to write an admin panel yourself for the project, it’s quite time-consuming. But in the end, the site management will take place in the way that you need.
Our team has been developing websites for 4 years and has accumulated a lot of experience. If you have any questions about the optimal choice of a management system for your site. We will be happy to help you solve your problem!

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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The 10 most important trends in technology development in b2b

To date, in the era of coronavirus, the B2B module has reliably reached the top of the world economy. The abrupt transition to online retail was obvious and understandable. But this situation in wholesale sales has become an unexpected turn for many. Therefore, we will consider such a topic as the main trends for B2B.

The main technology trends for B2B

1. Growth of niche marketplaces

In wholesale purchases, you need to deal with a large catalog of offers. And their manual disassembly takes a lot of time and effort. Company managers will always be happy to find niche trading platforms where there is only what is needed. And so that there is nothing superfluous on such platforms. And such a search greatly simplifies the comparison of prices and products.
While diving into B2B online, you need to expect the emergence of new niche marketplaces. Many stores that were previously afraid to enter e-commerce began to gradually enter this area.

2. Using

Artificial intelligence will enter the business routine in the future. And today, with the help of simple actions and algorithms, you can configure the execution of time-consuming tasks. And such systems include the systematization of databases by customer base, namely: product items, product catalogs, search based on different categories.
A lot of prospects appear when using AI in business, and this gives a lot of opportunities. But it is quite difficult to summarize and evaluate the future prospects. But now we have come to the topic of smart control systems that can solve complex or atypical tasks without human help.

3. Chatbot

There is another area where AI technologies can be used, and this area is chatbots. And they are smart enough to provide customers with information and answers to questions. For business, this is a fairly convenient way to communicate. Which allows you to process client requests.

4. Autonomous systems

A lot of companies have started using automation systems, i.e. CRM or ERP systems. With the help of which they digitize warehouses and delivery. After that, the next step is “automation automation”. That is, the development of intelligent systems that will manage and optimize without human help.
We agree, it sounds like a series of fiction, but this is one of the main strategic charts of technological development. There are also algorithms for which self-learning is available.  And in the future, they will integrate more and more into business problems.

5. Dynamic pricing

Due to the fact that there is strong competition in the market, the key to success is the properly planned work of the company. And prices can be the key to success. To monitor the market manually is a useless thing. To do this, there are services such as AllRival and uXprice, which will help determine prices in real time.

6. Predictive analytics

You may have noticed, but browser advertising adapts quite easily to your requests. And very often gives recommendations based on your preferences. And this is possible because there is software with predictive analytics.  Analyzing the behavior of the audience makes it possible to predict its behavior and further purchases. And it also becomes easier to attract and retain customers.

7. Electronic document management

Many wholesale suppliers still do not believe in electronic document management and like to record everything on paper. But they will have to adapt to the realities of the new digital economy. Automatic document generation will soon become a mass practice.

8. Interest in PWA applications

The smartphone has long been one of the main working tools in any business. The development of mobile applications is now more relevant than ever. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to develop a cross—platform mobile application is using PWA technology. Progressive Web App is an application that converts a website into an application. Such a program has a lot of advantages that are in demand in wholesale sales. Such as ease of development and support, speed of work, the ability to work with site resources without the Internet.

9. Electronic document management

As a result, the psychology of consumers has changed. Because now they want to conduct wholesale purchases for legal entities with the same ease as their shopping takes place. Business services have increased requirements for the design and functionality of digital products. Brands will increasingly create flexible and versatile platforms where they will serve both retail and wholesale customers.

10. Emphasis on safety

The speed and depth of digital transformation not only provide business with advantages. But they also create cybersecurity risks. As a result, this risk is especially high in the B2B segment, because here the actions of criminals can lead to large-scale consequences.

How to digitalize your business?​

Understanding advanced techno trends is very useful when you need to think strategically. But most companies need to start small – to understand their internal processes. Find out which of them can be automated quickly and cheaply.
Practice shows that simple steps can give a very noticeable result. Transition to electronic document management, implementation of TMS and WMS systems in logistics. Combining databases – all this will help bring the business to a new level.
A full-fledged launch of wholesale online will require the development of a B2B portal. Such a platform should be cross-platform and contain a set of tools necessary for the consumer. Namely: personal account, product catalog, full information about goods and stock balances. But the main thing is the ability to make a purchase at any time in a couple of clicks.

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E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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электронная коммерция

E-commerce systems

E-commerce systems: prospects and advantages The e-commerce system, and today only the lazy one has not said about it. At the moment, many companies have

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