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Website development on Bitrix is a very effective tool for modern business. After all, at the moment, creating a website for a company is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Our company will help to create a website on Bitrix of any complexity: a business card site, online store or landing page.




CMS WordPress is a frequently used and effective tool for creating both simple and complex sites. Websites on WordPress create many developers, this system is known to a wide audience.


Protection is worked out to the smallest detail, you are reliably protected from hacking and unlawful actions of intruders. The security system itself is constantly updated, taking into account all possible risks.


In Bitrix built-in all the necessary functionality that is important for any online store: catalog management, prices, sales, built-in payment systems, support for delivery services


SEO optimization of this engine is perfectly tuned for search engines. Developing a site on WordPress you can be sure that the promotion of the site in search engines will save your resources and allow the site to take good positions


The site is developed on WordPress perfectly optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. With the proper technical configuration of the site, you will be pleasantly surprised by the loading speed


Данная платформа имеет огромный выбор плагинов которые ускоряют и удешевляют стоимость разработки. Часть модулей является платными, но их стоимость весьма приемлема 



Landing page

Business card site

Online shop


We understand how important it is to find a quality contractor and partner that is why we offer our customers favorable conditions of cooperation



We calculate in advance the timing of the online store and specify them in the contract


We create a model of the future online store at the stage of preparing the terms of reference and agree the visual concept


We will prepare for you a comfortable payment schedule for the development of your online store


We carry out all work exclusively under contract. Before we start the work, we sign a contract and terms of reference to it. The documents have full legal force


Fill out a short brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee a quick feedback!


Fill out a short brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee a quick feedback!


We take a creative approach to the use of graphic design, digital technology and Internet strategies. It is this creative approach that helps us successfully solve problems and create new products that allow our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a project, we thoroughly clarify the client’s vision and requirements to develop a product that will effectively perform the function assigned to it. Take a look at our project list to get an idea of how we work.



Online Shop


Online Shop


Website for a company


Online Shop – Website for a company


Website for a company


Website for a personal brand





In-depth niche analysis


Quality copywriting


Functionality at the highest level


Selling site structure


Well-engineered design


Post-launch project support 

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Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


Recently this program has become very widespread. This is due to the incredibly broad capabilities of this system. In this article you will learn what the program Bitrix 24 is and tell you in what areas it is best used.

It should be noted right away that Bitrix 24 is a comprehensive service, which is able to cover all the areas of the organization. When you get down to implementing this system in your business, you will immediately see how much more convenient it is to work.

The main advantages of implementing Bitrix 24 in the work of the company:

  • managers will be able to interact with the target audience at an accelerated pace;
  • the time of transactions is reduced;
  • the system is configurable rights, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access;

Why do you need Bitrix 24?

In simple words, this is a system with which you can digitize all aspects of the company. Let’s take a look at the areas for which it is worth implementing Bitrix 24 in your business:

End-to-end analytics.

With this tool, it becomes possible to track active advertising campaigns, as well as monitor their effectiveness. Thanks to this tool you will be able to track:

  • sales;
  • payback;
  • effectiveness of managers;
  • leads (requests);
  • traffic impact;


This system is able to break down client bases by parameters, plan advertising campaigns, create mailings. Also, it is worth noting that databases can be downloaded from the Internet directly into the system.


There is a constructor in the Bitrix 24 system with which you can create a full-fledged website. In this designer provided a lot of templates, which can also be customized to your liking. The main advantage is the automatic communication with consumers. If the buyer will write to you in a chat on the website, the received message will immediately appear in the CRM system.

Online store with a sales center

This is one more function of the last tool. This functionality greatly simplifies the checkout process. Let’s look at some of its advantages:

  • The target audience is constantly notified about discounts, special offers and promotions;
  • It is possible to place an order directly in the chat window;

All customer messages are displayed in real-time mode, so a manager can immediately respond to a user by selecting the required action.


This section automates the processing of orders, speeds up the response of managers to them, and improves interaction with the target audience. This tool allows you to improve the quality of communication with customers, which directly affects the reputation of the company.

Telephony, return calls, open lines, online-consultant, capture forms on the site

All of the above elements are set by default in the system and are already linked to the CRM system, which will improve the quality of service and increase conversion rates.

Open lines allow you to track all user comments in one place in a single system. Also, there are feedback widgets, which speed up the response to incoming messages from users, and all information about the client is formed in his personal profile.

Access and security

Due to the flexible tools for working with documentation, files and resources, it is possible to correctly distribute permissions between employees, as well as to prevent unauthorized distribution of important information.


Earlier we talked about Bitrix 24 as a comprehensive product, with the help of which the company’s goals can be achieved. These goals can be achieved only by coordinated work of all personnel. This is only possible if you set goals for your employees. This is what this section is for.

By using the “Tasks” tool, a certain amount of work is assigned to each employee. This practice allows decreasing the number of mistakes.


Section which simplifies the company’s activity. The Bitrix24 system provides a dedicated disk, which is used for containing necessary files and documents. Examples of files that employees can store on the disk:

  • personal folders and data;
  • Information about their groups, documents;
  • links to resources to which they are invited;

Each employee will have free access to the working instructions, company regulations and other necessary data and documents. Another plus is synchronization with Google Docs and Microsoft Word, which will greatly facilitate the work.

Also in the system Bitrix 24 is a designer, with which you can create a full-fledged website. In this designer provided a lot of templates, which can also be customized to your liking.

Site development on Bitrix is a very effective tool for modern business. After all, at this point in time, creating a website for a company is not a luxury, but a necessity. And Bitrix gives great and flexible possibilities for site management and synchronization with other relevant services.

More and more often, people are getting used to searching for and ordering products and services online. Every year the dynamics of this trend will increase. If your business does not have a visualization on the Internet, then such a business is not competitive. Therefore, it is recommended to create a site on Bitrix and develop the online component of the business.

What are the advantages of Bitrix for the online store?

Making an online store on Bitrix is a profitable solution for business, creating an online store on 1C Bitrix has a number of significant advantages that offset all the disadvantages of the system:

Popularity in the market. Due to the great popularity of the product on the market there are a huge number of qualified developers who can help you make a site on Bitrix. These are top-level professionals who can help you create a website on Bitrix of any complexity, or professionally implement a turnkey online store 1C Bitrix.

Security. 1C-Bitrix has a built-in toolkit “Proactive Security” to ensure the safety of your project.

Technical support from the developer. If you have a site on 1C Bitrix and there is an active product license, then you can directly contact the technical support company “1C-Bitrix

The ability to integrate Bitrix with all kinds of services for business. Bitrix for online store is advantageous in that you can easily implement a data exchange with many services, such as: 1C, delivery services, online cash registers, marketplaces and aggregators, CRM-systems and messengers.

Marketplace with modules and ready-made solutions. Marketplace is a catalog of all sorts of modules and ready-made solutions for the project. It contains the best products for the Bitrix platform from the best developers at reasonable prices.

User-friendly interface. Bitrix has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which is easy to work with both developers and content managers.

A lot of information is freely available. If you have any questions in the system, the vast expanses of the Internet a huge amount of useful information in the public domain.

What the system cannot be implemented

Bitrix24 system has a huge amount of functionality, but it is worth considering what you can not do with the help of such a system:

Merchandise and warehouse accounting

The system is unable to cope with a wide range of large stores, so you will have to work in conjunction with 1C.


This function will also have to be closed using third-party services, for example.

Managerial accounting

This system does not reflect the costs of concluding transactions and manufacturing products. Such processes must be tracked using third-party solutions.

The system of fixing production costs

Bitrix24 does not allow you to find out what the cost of production of a particular product will be.

HR accounting

For such functions, 1C is more suitable, since it is designed for companies with more than twenty people.


Speaking of the Bitrix24 system, it is impossible not to mention the flexibility of this system. It can easily adapt to any company, even with the most specific activities. Also, Bitrix24 has an internal marketplace where you can buy additional applications or modules to improve the system.

Pros and cons

First let’s look at the pros:

  • Huge functionality. Thanks to the tools that this system has, you can automate any business process in the company, improve the formulation of tasks, improve interaction with the target audience, etc.
  • Integration with third-party software. For example, the work of Bitrix24 can easily integrate with 1C, which will maximize the effectiveness of the company.
  • Absolutely anyone can understand this system, the logic and clarity of the service is at the highest level.

Bitrix24 has a lot of advantages, but to be fair let’s consider its disadvantages:

  • Lack of flexible customization. You cannot fully customize the software or add functionality to the system.
  • The system’s panel is not intuitive for everyone. For some, it may take some time to navigate through the system menus.
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