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We develop effective websites for businesses


We are a full-service digital agency. For our clients, we provide a full range of services for the development of an online store, as well as its promotion



We calculate the terms of implementation of the online store in advance and specify them in the contract


We create a layout of the future online store at the stage of preparing the terms of reference and coordinate the visual concept


We will prepare for you a comfortable schedule for paying for services for the development of an online store


We perform all work exclusively under the contract. Before starting work, we sign the contract and its terms of reference. The documents have full legal force


We take a creative approach to using graphic design, digital technologies, and online strategies. It is our creative approach that helps us successfully solve problems and create new products that allow our customers to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a comprehensive website development, we carefully clarify the client’s vision and requirements in order to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


Разработка интернет магазина


Online store


Online store


Website for the company


Website for the company-online store


Website for the company


Website for your personal brand


During the development process, we use flexible and functional solutions that allow not only to develop an effective tool, but also further simplify the interaction and modification of the site to its owner



CMS (site management system / engine) allows you to manage the content of the site: create and publish entries, pages, edit various elements.


Integration with analytics, automation and CRM services will help simplify work with incoming applications, automate some business processes, as well as get complete analytics about the site.



Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee fast feedback!


Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee fast feedback!


We adhere to a strict sequence of actions when developing a website in order to get a project that the client and users will like at the output



  • Project analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Conclusion of the contract


  • Developing a site prototype
  • Prototype approval
  • Creating a technical task for development
  • Coordination of those tasks


  • Design development
  • Developing an adaptive version of the design
  • Design approval


  • Site layout
  • Programming
  • Enabling Add-Ons. modules and services
  • Site content


  • Testing a web resource


  • Approval of the final product
  • Publishing a website
  • Support and maintenance

The cost of developing a website depends on the complexity of the design, the chosen CMS, as well as the functionality and number of pages. Depending on the functionality and goals of the customer, both standard functions and individually designed widgets are used in site development. Fill out the application form on our website and we will discuss your future project, how to make it profitable or redesign an existing site to improve its efficiency.


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We understand how important it is to find reliable developers who will implement your project on time and with the best quality



In-depth niche analysis

Before developing a website and design projects, we always analyze the niche market and major competitors, their media resources, mark for yourself their strengths and weaknesses, which would take into account these details in the development of the site



In developing an individual design for the site, we hold a briefing with the customer, which would take into account his wishes and the main objectives. Then we develop a design taking into account the wishes and adjustments on the part of the client


Functionality at the highest level

We create functional and fast web sites. High speed of loading pages, convenient admin panel for management and necessary functionality for work – this is what our company creates.


Selling site structure

Any website must perform its function, whether it is to sell products, company presentation or sale of services. When developing the site we take into account the direction of the client’s activity, so that the site was not only beautiful, but also had a high conversion rate


Quality copywriting

If you do not have material to fill the web site, our copywriters will help you with this, they will write interesting and clear texts that will attract readers and help in sales


Post-launch project support 

After the launch of the web site we provide training on working with the admin panel of the site. If there is a desire or need, we can take the site for comprehensive support, maintenance and promotion, which allows easier and faster development of the project

Order your dream website

Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


We have prepared answers to the most popular and frequent questions that are asked to us


The cost of developing a business card site depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the chosen type of design and its complexity, CMS, page size, the amount of content that needs to be developed and placed, the functionality of the site, the number of necessary services and widgets that need to be enabled or developed, and many other factors. To calculate the development cost, fill out the application form on our website or call us.

On average, the development time of a website for a business is from 20 to 45 days. The development period depends on the design and required functionality of the business card site, as well as the time of approval of the development with the customer.

Yes, we not only develop websites, but also help with promotion. Our specialists analyze the market and the company’s existing media resources (if any), study competitors, target audience, and product features. We create a plan to promote your site and select tools for this purpose. We implement tools for website and brand promotion. We carry out complex work – from the idea to the final result.

The cost of SEO optimization and promotion depends on the market niche, products and articles posted on the site. The cost of work is calculated for each project separately after the analysis. To find out the cost of work for your project, fill out the application form on our website.

We can customize your site to meet your current needs, improve the design, download speed, expand the functionality, and other factors that affect the site’s conversion rate. You can learn more about the site’s improvements and redesign here


Ordering a website in Estetic web design, you get a full-fledged product that is ready to use. We provide a full range of services, whether it is the development of a business card site or redesign of an existing site.

Why do you need to create a business card website

To develop a business, the development of a business card site is the best tool. Most potential customers may not even be aware of your existence. Just imagine how many customers will be able to find you with the help of the created website for your company. And not only those who are in Kyiv or in Ukraine, but also abroad. In addition, they will all be targeted users. The business card site that you will receive as a result will work every day and every hour without days off or holidays, constantly bringing you new customers.

Ordering a business card site in Estetic web design, you will get not only the site. You will get new customers who could find you just with the help of a business card site, because it will be fully focused on the specifics of your business. With us you can do more.

The main types are

Business site-card. This type is suitable for creative professions such as singers, photographers, musicians, artists, manicurists, hairdressers. They provide their works, which can be viewed by potential customers. There is also information about concerts, exhibitions and other events. It is obligatory to have information about feedback.

Business card site for business. Organizations that work directly with customers, having their own website, can save on advertising. On the pages of the resource you can describe the product or service, demonstrate samples, examples. In other words, it is a showcase “like in a store”, but which is placed on various Internet resources, 

Mini sites. This type is very minimized in volume. It contains information about the range, product prices, articles on the topic, invitations to cooperation, news blocks and information about the organization. Such sites are used as low-budget launching pads for business and contribute to the further growth of a full-fledged and voluminous Internet resource.

Classic business card site. It is an online business card of a private person or organization. The content of this web resource shows information about the type of activity of the organization, information about the owner, a list of services and products offered and contact information. It is used to create an initial representation in web networks and provides further communication with interested site visitors outside of virtual reality.

Advantages of creating a business card site

Digital agency Estetic web design, always takes into account the smallest details of your business. New ideas, modern design. This is what your business card site will be, a powerful tool that will give a new impetus to the development of your business. Development of a business card site has a certain range of advantages among which:

The ability to quickly start working with the site. Development of a business card site is usually very fast due to its simplicity and small number of pages. You discuss the topic with the performer, approve the layout and in the shortest possible time you get a ready resource at your disposal. After all, the faster the site for the company is launched, the faster it will start working and perform its tasks.

Facilitating the process of interaction with the target audience. A business card site has a simple interface, so it is easy to understand for any user. The low cost of creating a business card site is due to the peculiarity of such a resource – a small number of pages filled with only basic information, so the potential client immediately understands what services the company provides, where the office is located, what the cost of services is, ease of navigation on the website, how to find the necessary information on its pages. Creating an online business card website on CMS helps to manage the website simply and clearly, change and update basic information, contacts, description and list of services.

Easy data editing. A business card site of this type is easy to manage. You can even make the necessary changes yourself and fill the resource with fresh data. This allows not only to save on site maintenance, but also to quickly update the information posted on the portal.

And, as it has already been mentioned, the low cost of developing a business card site. Since this type of site is quite simple and does not require too much work, as the creation of other types of resources, the price of a small business site is quite democratic, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people.

To develop a business card site is a good solution when the main goal is to promote a product or service on the Internet. Today it is quite popular at the beginning of the company to order the development of a business card site. These actions are relevant, because it reaches a larger audience, which significantly saves on future advertising.

Stages of business card website development:

Discussion and study of the details of the project, determination of the cost and budget for the creation of a business card site, preparation of technical documentation, conclusion of the contract.

Studying business niche, identifying weaknesses of competitors, developing USP, preparing a prototype of a website with a well-thought-out structure and navigation.

Development of web design for project pages, compliance with web design standards, taking into account the convenience of displaying on all devices.

Programming stage, adaptive layout. The main task is to achieve an identical image of the approved pages on stationary and mobile devices. Testing and bug fixing

Each project developed on the basis of CMS, after the end of all technological processes, the Customer is trained to manage the administration, after which the finished project is transferred to the hosting.

What determines the cost

The cost of a business card site depends on the amount of work. In some cases, the business card site contains complex animation and structure, this affects the price. In the second case the price will depend on the complexity of website design development. Further, from the adaptability of the site interface to different platforms such as phone-tablet and others. The next variable, the choice of CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, Tilda, WebFlow are the most popular and cheapest CMS compared to others. Bitrix option is more expensive but has advanced functionality and increased stability. Next comes content filling and SEO promotion. The choice of hosting and domain will affect the final cost of the website.

Who is suitable for a business card site

Anyone who wants to get their own representation on the Internet without significant financial costs

A business card site is suitable for representatives of any type of activity, because, despite its simplicity, such a resource still performs the main task of any site – to convey information about you to those who are interested in it.

The website development market is actively developing, developers offer a variety of solutions for business owners. In this regard, we in Estetic web design do not stand still and pay attention to self-improvement

In order for people to quickly and easily find a business card site, SEO optimization and promotion in search engines is carried out, contextual advertising is launched, the site can be promoted in popular social networks. These tools will ensure good attendance and attract potential consumers.

Ordering the creation of a website in Kyiv had a positive impact on the activities of many companies in various industries. Thanks to the presence of its own web resource, it constantly maintains communication with the consumer, and thus qualitatively stimulates demand. Unlike other types of marketing on the Internet, the user himself finds the information he needs and it is important to make sure that your business card site can be easily found and it has all the information the visitor needs.

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