How to increase site sales?

Site owners often complain that their product is useless and instead of income the costs increase. Created a website to attract the target audience and raise profits, but in the end the site is idle, there are no visits and what to do with it next is a mystery. We have collected for you some tips to revive your site.

The first advice, regardless of the reason why the site is idle, is to contact experts from Estetic web design. They can do a qualitative analysis of your resource and help in its promotion or improvement.

If you still want to sort out the problem yourself, then here are some tips for you

Usefulness and informativeness

There were mistakes made in the placement of content on the site

  1. The pages on your site focus too much on “themselves”, users rarely go to the site to learn about the company, more often they are looking for a way to solve a problem or purchase a product. Your website should contain information with tips on how to solve their problem, so that the visitor is interested in the service and understands that you can help them. Otherwise, the customer will close the page. You can use the service Google AdWords which shows in detail what users are looking for and you only have to adjust your content in accordance with their needs.
  2. Place information for a wide audience. It’s better to segment information and prepare unique content for each group of users. You can use the algorithm “Ladders of recognition” to divide the CA (target audience)
  • have a problem, but are not aware of it;
  • know about the problem, but do not know the solution;
  • choose a solution;
  • have already chosen a solution;
  • take action.


Repetitive content is ignored by both search algorithms and users, they are able to quickly identify stock content, which has a detrimental effect on the credibility of the site and its search positions. To maintain and improve the results you have achieved, you need to use unique content.

It can be created in several ways:

  • Order it from professionals. When content plays a decisive role in the decision, it is better not to save money and trust the work to professionals.

The plus – the material will be concise, structured and informative. Minus – the service is not free, and it is difficult to find a professional who knows the subject well.

  • Do it yourself

Plus – free, accurate understanding of the product. Minus – you can use the time you spend more productively; there are cases when it is difficult to clearly and structurally articulate your thoughts.

  • Use the image bank. The choice of photos is limited. The advantages include a high resolution.

Pexels; Freepik; Pixabay

Which communication channels to use

You’ve created quality content, but that’s not enough, you need to spread the word. The more users know about you, the higher the chance of finding your client.

The main methods of promotion:

  • Contextual advertising. A well-designed advertising campaign is guaranteed to increase targeted traffic. On the positive side, it is easy to distribute the budget, based on needs and opportunities. Here, as elsewhere, you can do everything yourself or trust the professionals from Estetic web design.
  • SEO optimization. Create content, optimize it for your target audience, insert key phrases, fill in the meta tags. Properly optimized pages will help search bots properly index content, which in turn improves the search performance of the Web resource.
  • Targeted advertising (promotion through social networks)

Before you start an advertising campaign, you should analyze the social network, or more precisely, the analysis of its target audience:

Instagram – women (47,2%) men (52,8%) from 20 to 35 years old

Facebook – men (56.8%) and women (43.2%) from 25 to 44 years.

The main advantages – the precise targeting of the audience, low cost of promotion, increased reach due to virality.

  • Messengers. Popular channels of information exchange and direct communication with the consumer. Supplement and replace telephones, e-mail.

Analysis and testing

And lastly. Don’t do everything at once, you need to approach the issue step by step to understand what worked for you and what needed to be fine-tuned.

Which type of site to choose

First of all, you need to decide what the site will look like and what goals to pursue. Sites for functionality can be divided into information and sales websites.

For information sites can include a corporate website, website business cards, website directory. These sites are designed to represent the company or person, to inform potential customers about your products and services.

Online stores and landing, selling sites (although the banding can be used for information activities), they are aimed at motivating the customer to buy a product or service.

There are many other sites that do not fall into these categories. These include bulletin boards, news portals, services.

Landing page creation

Landing page is appropriate to use to sell or familiarize a small group of products. The main purpose is to briefly present the product, highlight the main features and give the opportunity to purchase it. Landing page is a good choice for small businesses, as the conversion rate of the site usually reaches up to 20%.

Corporate website creation

Corporate website is used to disclose the advantages of the company, contributes to its promotion and access to new markets. In developing the site it is important that the structure of the site was intuitive. Design should emphasize the strengths of the company, to form a correct idea about the company. Among other things with his help you can carry out communication activities in relation to your customers. You can also create a blog to familiarize your target audience with news about your company. All this can provide only a quality web site development, which provides the company Estetic web design.

What a successful online store consists of

A modern online store should have many elements that will increase the ease of use of it and provoke the consumer to buy the product. Some of them are:

  1. Design. The main task of the designer is to create a user-friendly, simple and clear interface for the user. It is necessary to use a harmonious combination of colors and fonts, as well as to ensure that the site has a convenient and fast mobile version.
  2. Usability. Convenient use of the site, the search for goods, as well as a simple form of order placement can be considered a guarantee of selling a product. The user of the site should at first glance to understand where to click that would go to his interest in the product.
  3. Product card. All important information such as descriptions, product features, reviews, box of recommended products, as well as the button “In the cart” or “Buy” must be in a prominent place. Information is easier to perceive from left to right. Therefore important elements should be placed on the left.
  4. Sales structure. Everything on the site should motivate to make a purchase. The list of essentials includes the placement of filters, the comparison button and the online consultation.

You can try your own strength and try to create your own site, but it will take more time and resources, and the result will not be as pleasing. It is best to entrust the development of competent professionals from the company Estetic web design.

Why feedback is so important

The use of new algorithms by search engine crawlers has forced the revision of site promotion strategies. Search engines began to pay great attention to the ratings of companies that are based on customer feedback. You should not ignore them, because their lack or negative impact on the position of the site in search results, as well as the rating and sale of goods.

How reviews affect conversion and behavioral factors

Studies show that when customers choose between similar products, 70% of buyers will choose the one with reviews (positive, of course). In addition, reviews allow you to learn additional information about the product:

  • the characteristics of the product;
  • the quality of service provided;
  • personal experience.

The ability to post reviews on the site not only increases the conversion rate, it also increases the customer’s time on the site, which in some cases can provide additional sales.

What role do reviews play in website promotion

In addition to improving conversion and behavioral factors, reviews are a good tool for SEO promotion. With their help you can:

  1. Write unique content for each product. Users write about their personal experience of using the product and communicating with the company.
  2. Add detailed photos of the product from different angles.
  3. Promote the site for low-frequency queries, because a review written by a real user rarely contains many keywords.
  4. Using illiterately written keywords. Unfortunately, in terms of development, but fortunately, in terms of site promotion, people write with mistakes both when leaving reviews and when entering a search query.
  5. As we talked about in the Google My Business article, people are searching nearby for what they need and it’s a lot of reviews that can lift a site to the top of a geo-request.

How to handle feedback

For feedback to be more effective, it must be handled properly:

  1. Often, customers will point out problems with the quality of service or problems with ordering, and this should be used to improve your business.
  2. Make the customer benefit from writing the testimonial, give them a bonus when they buy it or a discount.
  3. Respond to reviews, leave comments on them.
  4. Push positive reviews to the top.
  5. If you order reviews from copywriters, make sure they are “realistic.”

Testimonials are a great tool to increase website conversion, improve SEO promotion

Site development

Website development – a set of services that requires maximum return, both from the customer and the contractor. The key in it is to create communication and the better it will be, the quality will be the result. This article will help you find answers to all the main questions that you may have if you decide to order the development of the site.

By answering them, you will be able without the slightest problem to order the development of the site that will meet your expectations and will bring tremendous growth to your business.


Before we start developing the site, it is important for us to know what area of business you are in, what product you produce and what its specifics are. This can play a key role in future development. It is also worth understanding what you want to get out of the site, why it needs to be developed, how to stand up to competitors and what the key advantages of your product are.

Type of site

Next, you need to understand what type of site will meet your needs. It can be:

  • Landing page
  • Online store
  • Site-card
  • Catalog site
  • Corporate website

Choose the type of site should be based on the functionality it must contain. For information about a new product or service, suitable Landing page. If you need a website that will contain information about your entire company, then it is a corporate website. For the sale of goods with the possibility of online payment suits online store.


When developing the site should be a detailed statement of work with a description of all the requirements for the site. It is on its basis that your future site will be developed.


The CMS on the basis of which it will be developed will depend on the type of site you choose. For simple tasks such as a business card or Landing page it will be more practical to use WordPress, for an online store or catalogue site it is better to use OpenCart. If the project is too complex – development will take place using a framework.


You need to understand which audience your business is targeting, who your potential client is. This affects the design and structure of the future site. After all, what you like to young people will not always like a more mature user. This should be taken into account before developing the site.


Based on the type of site you need to decide what functionality to integrate on your site. You should also determine the number of language versions. In order to work in the Ukrainian market, it is necessary to have Ukrainian version of the site – it is required by law.

Budget and timeline

To get a good website, you need to start with the basics and gradually make refinements as needed. If your project is large-scale, it would be better to start with MVP, it will help to use both financial and time resources more rationally. Detailed budget and development timeframe can be found out only after a preliminary briefing.


Provide the entire list of services or products that you provide. This data affects the future structure of the site and, accordingly, the navigation on it. When the structure is ready it is evaluated by the SEO-specialist in terms of promotion and makes adjustments if necessary.


It is also worth thinking about content for the site. Stoke materials can be used, but they are ineffective. The best solution is to hire specialists who are able to create high-quality photo and video content and write unique texts. The cost of their services should be laid when formulating the overall budget. It is also necessary to think about who will be in charge of updating all the information.


Look at the websites of your competitors, preferably analyze even foreign resources. Choose for yourself, functional and design solutions that you liked, which you did not like also need to take into account.


Having your own logo and corporate identity will be good news for the designer. However, if you don’t have one, you should at least decide on the color style that will be used in the design. It is important that all video and photo content is consistent with the chosen color theme.


If you need to integrate with third-party services, you need to specify this in the ToR. For example:

  • Accounting system “1C”
  • CRM
  • SMS or E-mail messaging services
  • Payment services “LiqPay”, “EasyPay”
  • Delivery modules “Nova Postta
  • Chat-bot


Even the most detailed and well-designed site needs advertising, especially if the site is new. Users need to learn about your existence.

There are many methods and tools for this, it all depends on the budget you are willing to allocate for this work. Usually use:

  • Contextual advertising
  • SEO – promotion
  • Targeted advertising

Domain and Hosting

It is worth choosing a domain name even at the planning stage, especially if you want to get a .UA domain. You can get it only if you have a registered trademark (TM).

Choosing the hosting is recommended to use only verified hoster, it depends on the safety of your data as well as the speed and stability of your resource.

That's all)

By finding the answer to all these questions, you will gain an understanding of what you need. You will be open to ordering a website development and its successful implementation. Order a website development with Estetic web design to take your business to the next level.

Site load speed: how to check and increase

Site loading speed – one of the main parameters that affects the results of search results. Normal site load time is 1-3 seconds, it means that the site is properly optimized. If the site is loaded for 5 seconds or more, you need to fix it. According to statistics, the loading time of the site for more than 8 seconds, 30% of users leave the page without waiting for the site to load. Long loading time has a significant impact on the position of the site, there will be problems with indexation and deterioration of behavioral factors. How to optimize the site and avoid problems with its loading time, we are now telling.

What stages does the site load time consist of

To speed up the loading of the site and understand what it should be first you need to understand what this time consists of. The first time you open the site, the following steps are performed:

  • sending a DNS request to get the IP address of the server;
  • connecting to the server and setting up an HTTPS connection;
  • request the content of the HTML page;
  • waiting for a response from the server;
  • loading the HTML code;
  • forming the request queue in the browser;
  • loading CSS styles;
  • JS loading;
  • rendering web page content and launching JavaScript;
  • loading additional fonts;
  • uploading pictures, videos, and other media content;
  • loading pending JS code.

The first six items directly affect SEO performance. The content begins to load only after the sixth item, if the time exceeds 1 second, increasing the chance that the visitor will simply close the “hung” page. Full page load, depending on the content should take on average up to 3 seconds.

What is the threat of low site load speed

Poor optimization of the site entails the following problems:

  • the allocated budget for contextual advertising will be wasted because users will leave without waiting for the page to load, and the money for opening the page will be written off;
  • Google search engine results will not show your site – search algorithms also depend on the speed of page loading, if the time is too long, it will not be indexed;
  • decrease in the company’s ranking – long loading time will not please many of your visitors, respectively, you can not expect any recommendations from them.

If yours has a low load speed or high bounce rate (bounce rate), you can contact us, we will diagnose your site, identify gaps and will help with the elimination of deficiencies, correction of technical errors, refinement and redesign of your site

How to know the loading speed of the site

Special services are used to analyze the speed of the site:

  • PageSpeed Insights.
  • WebPageTest
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom Tools.

There are many other services that will help to analyze the loading speed of the site. In order to get a more realistic idea of the loading speed of the site, it is worth scanning the sites of your competitors and build on these figures.

How to improve website load speed

The following actions will help speed up the work of the site:

  • fine-tuning the server part. Configure Nginx and Apache servers, set caching parameters in the client browser, enable GZIP-compression. If the company is promoted in several regions, you must connect the CDN;
  • Reduce the number of redirects;
  • Remove unnecessary plugins;
  • reduce the resolution of graphics and change the image format to “light”. When working with large web pages, we recommend setting up dynamic image loading on scrolling;
  • optimize JavaScript and HTML. Remove annotations and cumbersome code;
  • reduce the number of elements on the page by means of CSS sprites;
  • adjust the order of loading fonts, styles and Java scripts;
  • reduce the number of HTTP requests;
  • create subdomains for parallel downloads.

If you have your own site, you should regularly analyze its performance. Changes on the hosting side can also affect the speed of the site. Estetic web design web studio will help you to monitor the proper work of the site.

Why SEO doesn't work?

You have your own website and you promote it yourself or by hiring a web agency. The agency provides a report on the work done, introduces new technologies. And despite everything, there is no result, customers do not come, sales do not increase, the resource does not develop.

So why does not work to develop the site? Let’s take a look

Poor website traffic

This problem is not directly related to website optimization, but it has a negative impact on behavioral factors. Most often it is connected with the visual part of the site. To prevent this from happening, you need to

  • place a block with the main links in the header of the site;
  • simplify the structure of the site;
  • get rid of unreadable fonts;
  • work on text formatting;
  • correct micro-markup on the pages of the site.

If you are just going to create a website, we recommend analyzing the sites of your competitors that have high traffic

Lack of mobile version

Poor optimization of the mobile version also negatively affects the promotion of the site. Approximately 40% of visitors use the Internet with a smartphone and with the development of technology, this figure is growing. This should be taken into account when developing a website design, because what is good for the desktop version is not always suitable for the mobile version. Some tips for improving the mobile version:

  • collecting technical data on the display of pages on different devices;
  • implement dynamic display of content on the site;
  • use compressed images for mobile devices;
  • creating simplified navigation for smartphones,

Search algorithms will primarily display those that have mobile adaptation

Problems with technical optimization of the site

An unoptimized site also reduces the effectiveness of SEO. To develop the site, you should do the following

  • transfer the site to a secure HTTPS protocol;
  • get rid of long and incomprehensible URLs with a large number of characters;
  • pay due attention to filling in meta tags. Description and Title must contain the brand name and 1-2 main key phrases. Meta tags on pages should not be repeated;
  • remove broken links and duplicate content on the site;
  • perform technical optimization of the code to increase the page loading speed;
  • add the necessary pages to the Robots.txt file for indexing by search engines;
  • transfer the web resource to a new hosting if its capabilities do not allow you to use the functionality of the engine to the fullest;
  • reduce the size of images and the number of redirects.

To understand what exactly is the problem with your site, a comprehensive audit will help web studio Estetic web design

Placing low-quality content

Filling the site with spammed or non-unique content is almost a fatal problem, because it is one of the main SEO tools. To fix this, you need to:

  • place unique and useful content on the site;
  • optimize texts for relevant keywords;
  • use meta tags;
  • do internal linking on the site.

If you use third-party sites to post your content, you need to make sure that they are reliable. Use only trusted resources both when posting content and when purchasing links.

Incorrectly stored semantic core

Using highly specialized queries or using repetitive words will make your SEO optimization ineffective. To fix this, you should

  • make an audit of competitors’ sites and analyze which popular keys they use least often;
  • include low-frequency queries in the semantic core;
  • avoid spamming in the texts on the site pages;
  • refuse to post a large number of articles with the same keywords.

The list of problems can be much longer. For productive development of a website promotion strategy you should always carry out a comprehensive audit of the resource. Only after that you should count on a positive result

How Google My Business works

Nowadays, promoting services and goods is becoming more difficult every day. Many tools have been created to facilitate this process. One of them is Google My Business service. It allows you to increase traffic to your website by posting information about your business on such sites as Google Maps, Google Hangouts. This will raise the site in search results, which in turn will improve the promotion of services and goods.

Why add a company to "Google My Business"

Recently, the demand for local search has been growing in search queries. This is due to both the increase in the number of mobile devices and the change in priorities. People try to “win more time” and therefore look for what they need near them.

Google My Business – allows you to add your business to a specific directory, from which information is taken by other services, such as: Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Search, which will increase the traffic and position of your site. To connect this service, the owner must provide information about his company: location, contact details.

“Google My Business” is perfect for the following companies:

fitness club; cafe; restaurant; cinema; entertainment and shopping centers; car dealerships; law firms. In the questionnaire “Google My Business” indicates information about the schedule, location, time of the busiest, the availability of additional amenities. Here customers can also view photos, reviews about your company and rating, and can leave their own review.

It is worth noting that the use of “Google My Business” significantly increases the effectiveness of other promotion tools of the Google family, because they are all interconnected. The visitor has the opportunity to start communicating with your consultants in correspondence or call them from one menu, go to the page of your site, build a route to you.

To connect to "Google My Business" you need:

  1. Create a Google Account;
  2. Go to and click “Add Company”;
  3. Fill in the name of the organization and the type of activity.
  4. specify your location.
  5. Mark the areas on the map where you want to display information about the company;
  6. specify the fields of activity of the company.
  7. add contact information (email, phone number);
  8. specify the work schedule;
  9. verify data – confirm website address, email, phone number, company address;
  10. specify additional options that distinguish your proposal among others;
  11. add a detailed description of the organization and photos.

Your company will need to be verified in order to be displayed. Google will send a letter to your physical address with a code, which you will have to enter in your cabinet.

How to promote a company in "Google My Business"

To attract new clients, it’s not enough to have your own account. Google will reflect your page, but if there is a similar company with a higher ranking next to it, it will see it first. To improve your company’s ranking you need to:

  • upload relevant photos and videos of your company;
  • provide feedback from users;
  • conduct regular advertising campaigns
  • add a catalog of your products to your profile
  • add all kinds of messengers

Google My Business” tool has a lot of possibilities to promote your website and attract new clients, which is a very powerful argument nowadays.

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SVG Scalable vector graphics is a vector graphics format used in web pages and HTML code. All SVG commands are represented as text and coordinates,

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What are the stages and timelines for the development of the online store

Creating an online store in 2022 is justified and relevant. Firstly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of online sales has increased by 300%. Secondly, the geography of people’s coverage is not limited: from one city to the whole world. Thirdly, starting to work online, you do not need to think about paying for renting premises or purchasing a large batch of goods. It is very convenient!

Features of the development of an online store

There are 2,000 stores in Ukraine with 10 orders per day. Many entrepreneurs quickly switched to the Internet. Moreover, it is very easy to open your own online store. You can contact an agency or a private specialist for help. To open your own online store you do not need to have special technical knowledge, you need business sense and desire.

Before you create an online store, you first need to choose the product that will be sold online. And it is desirable to know in what quantity. You should also study the issue of pricing, because even experienced businessmen have problems in this regard. In addition, it is important to collect quality content to fill the site: photo products, descriptions to them; description of benefits; information about the company; information about payment and delivery; articles; useful tips.

Stages of development

  1. Customer briefing.

A brief is a document with a list of questions, which helps the contractor better understand the client. It clarifies what the client’s requirements are, and how he sees the project as a result. The more detailed the answers to the questions, the better the contractor will do the job.

  1. Calculating the cost of development

Once the developer has all the necessary information about the project, he creates a specification and a costing. The cost of development is not easy to estimate. It depends on the order from the web studio / freelancer, the budget / scope of the project, the number of pages / products on the site, the experience of the developer.

  1. Negotiating the final price, signing the contract.

After calculating the final cost can make adjustments or even reject certain items. In drawing up the contract, it is recommended to detail the composition of work. Before signing the contract, the document should always check the lawyer.

  1. Designing .

The contractor begins to create prototypes of the main pages of the site. They indicate where there will be a link, text, images …

Once all the prototypes approved, the developer begins to design the site. This means: selecting colors for the site, selecting the basic images, preparing versions for different resolutions.

  1. Makeup

Dock the site on the ready-made layout – the best option. To detect problems during the make-up, you should test the pages: check adaptability to different devices, loading speed, cross-browser, spelling, etc. As the layout is ready, the programmer begins to work on programming the functionality and layout stretching in the CMS.

  1. Plugging in modules

If all the basic tasks are completed, then it’s time to connect additional plugins. Often use solutions such as: integration with social networks, payment aggregators, etc. Filling the site with content is most convenient to do with the help of imported price lists.

  1. Customer training, release.

When the online store is ready to launch, the developer of the site gives the customer all the documentation. The customer, in turn, must know how to manage it. At this stage there is still a release, which is checked by the tester.

If the site works, but there are suggestions to improve it or something to modify, you can use another project called “Redesign”.

Term of online store development is an average of 45 working days, but may be up to 3-5 months. The cost depends on the desired functionality and the specialist’s working hours. Given that the standard functionality spends about 200 hours, it will take at least 150,000 grn.

The development of an online store consists of a variety of diverse tasks. It requires a highly competent developer, labor costs and financial investments. However, the effort is worth it! Success to you in your endeavors!

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Why it's important to blog on the site

Blogging is a declaration that the site is active, it is constantly filled with something new and interesting. Regular updating of information and presenting it in a lively “human” language shows that this is where life is in full swing, there is something to learn and what to learn. Blog is the soul of the site. It shows that it has something to tell and is ready to develop in order not to stand still.

It is easier to get involved in someone’s life, be it a person or even a business, just today. What you have in your plans, or what was there many months ago, is certainly interesting. To join the present day of your company or store through the prism of perception of a real person who blogs is worth a lot.

A website for business today is a sign of quality. A kind of DSTU, which shows that everything is open, legal, serious and has long-term prospects. There you can find regulatory documents, photos and videos, customer reviews and a lot of interesting things for a potential visitor. Blog this site is able to “revive”, add energy and bind it to today, and the promotion of the site without it will be sluggish. But this is a kind of public activity that not everyone is ready for.

The difficulties of blogging.

  • A blog is like a mortgage: it is good to have it, but the feeling of bondage does not leave. It is necessary to publish news and interesting facts, but a person is a living being. Today it is easy for him to do it, and tomorrow he may not have enough strength, health, mood to be active, after all.
  • The prospects are vague. Will such activity bring profit, recognition, or vice versa – burnout from lack of results.
  • Suddenly there will be no more topics? It is frightening that the muse can flinch and fly away at any stage of website promotion.
  • It is difficult to promote and develop your blog if you have never done it before.

And yet it is needed.

  • The prospects of development as a professional with blogging become more real. To “go live” on a daily basis, you need to constantly learn and look for new directions. This is reflected in a positive way on your real competencies.
  • Leaving the comfort zone becomes regular and pumps psychologically. The contradiction is that people who are creative, full of life, who have something to say, are often introverts. They do not want to be constantly in the public eye, they would rather spend resources on it than get it. And extroverts who love publicity often face the problem that they want to speak, but do not quite know what to say. Both of them, by blogging, benefit by acquiring the missing qualities.
  • There is an opportunity to be recognized by the professional community. Openness attracts not only those who need your services, but also those who are interested in your experience. To subscribe to a colleague in the shop means to recognize his merits to the profession.
  • There is a chance to increase income and attract more of those who need your activity. Publicity is always a wider choice, including your potential employers.

Hello, audience!

Who to focus on when making the first steps in publicity? Will people be interested in your research? It is impossible to answer for sure. It is true that there are few topics that will interest everyone, but a huge number are interesting for some part of the audience. It is important to make the right decision and decide where to start.

  • It is better to turn to the sector of your colleagues. You already understand this topic, it is not new for you. This gives some confidence.
  • Regularly try to “light up” where your colleagues gather. Conferences, websites, forums are suitable.
  • You can attract subscribers quickly through advertising or gradually through your own organic growth. The first is attention on credit, the second is slower but more reliable.

Website with a blog: mandatory bonuses.

Creating a blog on the site will help to advance in the following positions: attracting free traffic, ranking for low-frequency queries, encouraging regular updates by search engines, increasing social media coverage, building a reputation as an expert and improving conversion.

It’s up to you to decide whether to blog on your own or outsource it to a team of professionals. But this idea will pay off a hundredfold if you approach it seriously and thoughtfully. Public activity is important for career growth, for increasing income, for reputation, for getting pleasure from your activity and pumping resources.

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SVG Scalable vector graphics is a vector graphics format used in web pages and HTML code. All SVG commands are represented as text and coordinates,

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How to make the right structure of the site

The success of the site largely depends on how well it will be made, and the most important factor is to create the right structure of the site. The structure is the foundation of any site, the better it is thought out and implemented, the easier it is to use the site. A high-quality structure is the convenience of information search, saving for search engines their budgets for crawling (faster indexing), reliability of the resource. In this article we will analyze the main nuances of creating the correct site structure, describe what you should pay attention to. Let’s analyze the main problems in developing the right structure.

What is the site structure? – In fact, this is the exact scheme according to which the site will be implemented, the development of a visual structure will help to visualize the future site. Competent development of the site and its structure is, first of all, the convenience of navigation on the site, as well as its attachments. It is important not to make a very deep structure, the ideal option is 3 levels of nesting, in other words, the visitor should be able to get to any page of the site in three clicks.

Each site is created according to a specially developed plan, it necessarily takes into account all the nuances of the structure. According to the plan, the location of the pages relative to each other is indicated. Usually it is visualized by means of a graphical scheme in which the main sections are represented by blocks, the connection of blocks is shown by arrows. The structure can be both internal and external. The first one consists of categories, sections of the site and the relation of different pages to them. The internal structure is the most difficult to implement correctly. As for the external structure, it is nothing more than a page layout on which different elements of the page are distributed in separate blocks. The final scheme strongly depends on the purpose of creating a web resource, as well as its specifics, that is, on what task the site should solve. The more complex the site, the more complex its structure, for example, for a one-page site there is no need to develop a special structure, because all the information will be placed on the 1st page. Creation of an information site, corporate site or online store requires a really complex structure.

It is important to note! After the site is fully indexed, the ready-made structure of pages and subsections should not be changed, if you do this, some of the pages may fall out of the Top, as a result, traffic may drop significantly.

Main types of structure and requirements

No matter how complex and unique your site is, there are requirements for the structure and content that should be followed in any case. Among the main requirements are the following:

  • Visitors should understand the logic of the site, and it is better that it was on an intuitive level. A logically thought-out structure is a quick search for the necessary information, easy memorization of the path to the necessary data, the impossibility of getting confused during transitions.
  • Users should receive comprehensive information. Each page that opens during the transition should correspond to the name of the section, and the information provided on the page should answer all the user’s questions.
  • The content placed in accordance with the structure should also be of high quality and unique, all the requirements of the CEO should be taken into account. This will gradually improve the ranking of the site in search engines.
  • The material placed inside the structure should be easy, clear and useful. In addition, it should captivate and provoke the user to find other materials on the site.

These are the criteria that should be taken into account when developing sites of any complexity, and their observance makes the site easy to navigate, useful and interesting. As for the types of structure, there are four main ones:

  • Tree structure is a mass of levels and subdivisions with branches. This is the most popular structure today.
  • A sieve or network structure is similar to a tree structure, but at the same time it is designed so that the visitor can jump from the 1st or 2nd level page to the deep level page and vice versa.
  • Linearly branched structure is usually a chain of transitions, often with the right to choose. This is the best choice for small web services.
  • Linear structure is essentially a chain. This structure is most often chosen for one-page sites and business card sites.

High-quality websites most often have a tree structure, because it allows to implement almost any solution and at the same time leaves the site intuitive.

The most common mistakes

There are some mistakes that are made most often when developing the structure of a web resource:

  • Incorrectly specified filter order. For example, a user searches for car tires online, if the content manager understands the topic, he understands that the user is primarily interested in what season the tires are for, diameter, width, tread pattern, etc. If he does not understand, he will simply violate the order of the product parameters.
  • Duplicate pages. Often when you create a website the same information may have different URLs, the result of such an error may be sanctions imposed on the site.
  • Category names are not specified. If there are no names, both the visitor and the search engines will not be able to evaluate the information on the web resource. And duplication of categories will lead either to identical information or will not reflect the essence of the page.

Basic rules for creating a competent structure

If you adhere to the basic rules listed below, you can be sure that you will make the structure of the site exactly right. The basic rules include:

  • URLs should be clear to the visitor, and even better, they should be easy to remember.
  • The most important services should be made visible, and at the same time it is important that they are located within 1 click from the main page.
  • As mentioned above, there should be no more than 3 levels of complexity.
  • It is important to hide service pages from search engine crawlers.
  • It is important to ensure the indexing of pages, for this you need to make an xml-map.
  • It is important to follow the logic, the way to find the necessary information should be clear, for example: Home page – Section – Subsection – Article.
  • Before creating a structure, be sure to analyze the competitors’ sites, especially from the Top (you can even choose a ready-made site layout). This way you will be able to avoid some of the mistakes.
  • It is important to think over the linking within the site itself, it can significantly speed up indexing.
  • It is important that the visitor can quickly return to the Home page.
  • Try to use human-like addresses or CNC, so you will help search engines to determine the relevance.
  • It is important that there are no cyclic pages with a lot of repetitions.

These simple tips will help you create a competent site structure.

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