We believe that visual and functionality go hand in hand in complex website development. We have been working in Kiev since 2019 and all this time we have been helping clients solve any tasks related to web development. Do you want to make your personal website more dynamic? Are you building a business, planning to create a unique brand and get the most out of your online presence? Here you will get exactly what you need.




Landing page development

Landing page is a landing page for collecting visitors’ contacts or selling goods. Usually it is a one-page website that briefly presents information about a service or product, which allows to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Website development for the company

A website for a company is a great solution for businesses to advertise their services or products, attract target audience and partners.

Development of an online store

Complex development of an online store with integration of payment systems, delivery modules and other services

Website redesign

Website redesign – updating the appearance, creating a modern and attractive resource, updating the functionality of the site


Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is an effective tool to promote your business and attract customers.

SEO optimization of the site

Organic increase of site positions in search results

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is a way to attract customers from social networks to your website.

Implemented projects

We have a creative approach to the use of graphic design, digital technologies and Internet strategies. It is the creative approach that helps us to successfully solve problems and create new products in Irpin that allow our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a complex website development, we carefully find out the vision and requirements of the client to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


Кейс разработка landing page Global Capital Group
Landing page

Online shop

Website for the company

Website for the company

Online shop

Website for the company



The site does not give results


Your site is outdated or has not been updated for a long time


You want to grow your business and attract customers


Do you want to launch a new product or service


Improving the image and recognition of your company


Fill out the form and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.


CMS (content management system / engine) allows you to manage the content of the site: create and publish records, pages, edit various elements.


Integration with analytics, automation and CRM services will help to simplify the work with incoming applications, automate some business processes, as well as get full analytics about the work of the site.


CMS (content management system / engine) allows you to manage the content of the site: create and publish records, pages, edit various elements.


Integration with analytics, automation and CRM services will help to simplify the work with incoming applications, automate some business processes, as well as get full analytics about the work of the site.


We understand how important it is to find reliable developers who will implement your project on time and with the best quality



In-depth analysis of the niche

Before starting the development of the site and design project, we always analyze the client’s market niche and main competitors, their media resources, identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to take these details into account when developing the site.


Well-designed design

Розробляючи індивідуальний дизайн для сайту, ми проводимо невеликий брифінг із замовником, щоб врахувати його побажання та основні цілі. Далі ми розробляємо дизайн з урахуванням побажань і коригування з боку клієнта


Functionality at the highest level

We create functional and fast websites. High page loading speed, convenient admin panel for management and the necessary functionality for work – that’s what our company creates.


The structure of the selling site

Any website should fulfill its function, whether it is selling goods, presenting a company or selling services. When developing a website, we take into account the direction of the client’s activity, so that the site is not only beautiful, but also has a high conversion rate.


Quality copywriting

If you do not have materials to fill your website, our copywriters will help you with this, they will write interesting and understandable texts that will attract readers and help in sales.


Project support after launch

After launching the website, we provide training on working with the admin panel of the site. If there is a desire or need, we can take the site for comprehensive support, maintenance and promotion, which makes it easier and faster to develop the project.

Отзыв Стандарты и качество

LLC "STANDARDS AND QUALITY INSTITUTE" highly appreciates cooperation with your company "ESTETIC WEB DESIGN". We are united by long-term mutually beneficial relations on the development, maintenance and promotion of our web-site in Ukraine and abroad.

In the process of performing the work, the specialists of "ESTETIC WEB DESIGN" showed a high level of professionalism and competence. The works are performed according to the stated terms. Communication and quality of work with the team of "ESTETIC WEB DESIGN" were at the highest level during all stages of work.

We sincerely thank for the quality of work and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation!


Iryna Polonska

Отзыв Югтест

VSC Pivdentest is grateful to Estetic web design digital agency for the development of the website.

They have created a new website for us in the optimal terms.

During the whole period of development we maintained active communication and were satisfied with the result.

The team showed high interest and professionalism in solving our problems and implementing ideas regarding the site.


Volodymyr Torba

TRADING HOUSE "FINCA COFFEE" has been cooperating with the web design company Estetic for many years. During this time our partners help us to develop our business and have implemented more than 4 projects for our company. Digital-agency Estetic web design has established itself as a reliable partner, able to respond quickly to customer needs, and provide quality services for the development and promotion of sites.

A distinctive feature of this company is high organization, professionalism and quick response to customer requests, as well as a high interest not only in the implementation of projects, but also in achieving business goals.

We wish further success and dynamic development of Estetic web design company.


Alexander Nesterov

отзыв Finca Cafe

Finca Cafe expresses its sincere gratitude to Estetic web design for professionalism, fruitful cooperation, development and maintenance of our company's website.

In the process of work Estetic web design company proved to be a competent and reliable partner, where the interests of the client are put above all. Thanks to the developed website, as well as further support and development of media platforms, we were able to scale our business and create several new directions. Taking into account the positive experience in cooperation, we recommend Estetic web design company as experts who fulfill their obligations in good faith, always defend the interests of the client and guarantee the high quality of their work.

I would like to note the company's desire for continuous development and improvement, readiness to find optimal solutions to the most complex problems, and the desire to introduce advanced technologies.

Sincerely, Director of “FINCA-CAFE” LLC

Yuriy Yagushchin

Need a cool website?

Let's create it together

Website development is the main direction of Estetic web design company.

Since 2019 we provide a wide range of services related to web development, design, marketing, creation and promotion of websites.

Our company offers customers diverse solutions in the development of single-page sites, business card sites, online stores, catalog sites, corporate portals, website redesign. It all depends on the goals that the customer sets, as well as the allocated budget. In some cases, creating a website is necessary for representative purposes – in this case, the best solution would be to develop a business card or promotional website. We value all our clients and are ready to guarantee professional website development regardless of the budget.

Before we begin to create a site, we study sphere of activity of company and analyze web-sites of competitors. Creating a website in Ukraine will be much more effective if it takes into account a number of factors that affect the final result. Full cycle of creating a site includes a lot of work: preparation of terms of reference, development of design layout, creating a prototype, programming, implementation of management system. Additionally, we can offer the following services: writing text content (copywriting), photo shoots to complement site design, branding, help with product packaging, site support, holding and customizing advertising campaigns. In order to make a functional website, you will not have to work with outside contractors – you can do everything in our digital agency. Get the maximum result by applying for web site development in Kiev in web-studio Estetic web design.

At the beginning of the site you need to analyze: a study of the customer audience, its main competitors and find advantages over them, it will help you to find and develop unique and interesting ideas for a web site or commercial project. Because of this our projects are distinguished by their uniqueness. We strive to create the best and most innovative solutions in the web development market in Ukraine. During the development of online stores for customers from Kiev, we create projects based on the wishes of the client and professionalism of our specialists. Website development and design is our calling card.

To date, Estetic web design – digital agency, offering a wide range of services in web design and web advertising introduce modern and advanced solutions in the process of creating the project. Lagi employees are modern and young people with unique skills and creative outlook on modern web technologies. Designers, Internet marketers, programmers, seo-optimizers, project managers and copywriters – a team of professionals capable of implementing projects of any complexity.

Website development

Typically, the development of the site you need from 2 weeks to one month, depending on the complexity of the web site, its functionality and design. Site development consists of several stages: in the first phase we saying the basic points, set goals and determine the potential audience of the site. The next stage is the development of individual design, which will match the corporate identity of the company and be easily recognizable. Designers will create the most interesting layouts, and after the coordination of the designer, the work includes layout designer, who use the existing design will create a responsive website that allows the site to display equally in different browsers, and on different mobile devices.

Website development services Kiev includes programmers who will help revive the web site, making it functional. Programmers will make a convenient admin panel, which will easily add and update the information and products without any additional knowledge. The last step before publishing the web site in the network is testing the web resource, our testers will check for 100% serviceability of the portal. We create from small and “easy” (website-card) to the large corporate portals and complex projects. After developing the site and its transfer to the customer, we continue to keep in touch and promptly resolve any issues.

Making a site on CMS (content management system)

The choice of CMS (content management system) is a very important issue and depends on the objectives and complexity of the site, as well as its functionality. We are working with many well-known CMS: WordPress, Opencart, Bitrix, Prestashop, Tilda, Shopify, Webflow, Joomla, CS-CART and will pick the best and optimal solutions for your goals.  To create an e-commerce site, we use the following online store systems OpenCart, WordPress, CS-CART, Joomla, Bitrix, Prestashop.

Need to create a website?

We create websites with a high degree of professionalism and with full dedication to their work. Estetic web design one of the few web studios in Kiev, which provides a full range of services related to the creation of the site.

Need to create a website?

We are extremely carefully approach the question of website creation and take extremely responsible attitude to each project. Our company is a web studio in Kiev, where each client can order full range of services on creation of web-site, its filling, as well as promotion of the project.

  • We will help you to choose and buy a domain name;
  • Our company provides a range of design services (development of logo, identity, corporate identity, and product packaging);
  • Promotion in search engines;
  • Project support, maintenance of web sites, as well as consulting clients on any issues related to website promotion and customer involvement

We always work in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference for the project, adhering to all deadlines. At each new stage of site development agree with you all the results. Estetic web design is a team of professionals that will help to realize your website. If you have any questions, you can ask them in “Contact Us” and our managers will advise you on all matters relating to the development of web sites and help you make the right choice. After all, to order the creation of a website is just one click.

Nowadays, the global network has become a popular platform for business activities. Online shopping has become commonplace, every year the market for online commerce grows by ≈10%, a year people order a few billion products. Internet has become a tool for doing business. Also want to do business online? Order a website from Estetic web design

Creating a website for your business will allow:
  • expand the geographic scope;
  • increase the number of sales;
  • Significantly increase the growth of recognition;
  • Keep in touch with your customers;
  • Conquer new parts of the market, which will raise your profits;

Ectetic web design. What do we offer?

Providing a full range of services for creation and support of the site, guaranteeing satisfaction of all your expectations.

We create websites of various types, such as:

Landing page .

It is considered that Landing page – is one long page. But this is not always the case. The main task of one-page site – attracting potential customers, filling out requests, telephone calls, selling products or announcements of upcoming events. As a rule, this website is an intermediate stage before creating a full online store or business card site. This solution is the best option for startups, small businesses, cafes, restaurants, HoReCa, and event organizers.

Online-shop .

It is the best solution for the company which is engaged in trade, distribution. This resource contains a catalog of products, with detailed descriptions of products, prices, photos, as well as all the necessary tools to make an online purchase. In the online store as a supplement to the main product, you can sell a variety of services and services. To inform users there are the following options: contact information (address, phone, e-mail), feedback form, callback order, terms of cooperation, methods of payment and delivery. Also important elements online store, in terms of work with him, is the presence of its own user control cabinet, price list, comparison module, online payment, integration with delivery services, the ability to add items to the “Basket”, search on the site and others.

Site catalog .

This is a web resource that provides a complete list of your products or services with all their features to inform customers and communicate with them. This type of site is well suited for wholesale suppliers, large manufacturers, as well as companies that are important to demonstrate their products by selling them in person or on request.

Site business card.

Usually it is not a big site of 5-10 pages, which contain basic information about you and your business. Site development business card will be useful for companies providing services to attract customers or to fulfill image purposes.  Business card site contains basic information about the company, feedback forms, cost calculators, online documents, as well as additional features or functions, depending on your preferences on the development of business card site or web site.

Website redesign.

This is a set of works aimed at improving the design, structure, functionality and content of your website, in order to increase the number of users and ease of use. Website redesign will be useful to companies whose website is 3+ years old, we will upgrade and improve the existing design, create or improve the functionality of the site, make an adaptive version of your resource, breathe new life into your site.

Develop web site

Our team has successfully implemented the creation of many sites of varying complexity. Let our work speak for us. A lot of satisfied customers who not only continue to work with us, but also recommend us to their friends. This is what we call professionalism.

Whole process of site creation is fine-tuned as expensive Swiss watches work. Our managers will contact you to clarify all the details, make a brief, on the basis of which a requirement specification will be developed, taking into account all your wishes and requirements to create a website. Our designers will study all the peculiarities of your corporate style to make the design most attractive for the target audience. Our programmers will develop user-friendly navigation, write program code, test and remove all the errors. We will optimize it for a variety of browsers, make a version for mobile gadgets and SEO promotion.

Guarantee on website creation. Website development in Kiev is our vocation. Estetic web design is always focused on achieving the best results to fulfill customers’ wishes.

We have no goal to “rip off” you more money. The price of our services are always reasonable, it depends on the complexity of tasks and the specifics of the project. Even with this in mind our services are available to most wishing to create a website for your business.

Need to create a website? We are those who can easily cope with this task!

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