Every website needs constant support and maintenance to be successful. We will ensure the stable operation and growth of your website.

Technical support of the website and why it is not worth saving money on it

If you have a well-developed website or you just created it, with a user-friendly interface, stylish design, clear structure and functionality, then the first question you should answer is what to do next? 

Of course, to develop and advertise, because the creation of a site is only the first step. For the effective promotion of the site, as well as stable sales, the site should work correctly and be functional at all times. Our company can offer you high quality, fast and timely technical support and maintenance of your website. 

Why is it important? 

  • during the operation of the site may appear technical errors and bugs, it not only affects the conversion, but also irritates the users, so you lose potential customers;
  • information obsolescence. Nowadays, all content is very dynamic and quickly becomes out of date. In order to always be at the top, it is important to update information and content on your site in a timely manner, so that your users can get the best service, up-to-date information about the status of products, services and company news;
  • problems with hosting. Due to the fact that there are failures in the hosting, your site is not displayed in search results, as well as not open to potential customers and visitors to your site. Because of the frequent failures in hosting can drop positions in SERPs, so that your investment in the development of the site will be in vain;
  • loading speed. Consumers are annoyed by the long wait for the loading site, according to statistics the loading site for more than 8 seconds has a bounce rate of over 70%. If your site is technically correctly implemented, and has a good download speed, it is worth to ensure that any user after years could just as easily and quickly load your site and view information;
  • growth of the semantic core. The main purpose of any website is to generate leads and orders. In order to expand the reach of your potential audience, it is necessary to develop your site, create new sections and pages, publish useful information for your customers.


We are a full-service web studio, our expertise allows not only to develop a high-quality, beautiful and fast website, but also to maintain, promote and develop it. We are able to provide not only the stable operation of your website, but also effective promotion in the Google search engine, as well as setting up and maintaining contextual advertising.

Improving and upgrading pages and templates

Updating CMS versions and plugins

Creating new pages and articles on the site

Updating and supplementing information

Creating backups

Restoring site performance

Correcting technical errors

Checking for malware and viruses

Site and mail administration

Cost of services

The cost of technical maintenance for the site is calculated individually and depends on the following factors:

  • type and volume of the site
  • amount and types of work that must be carried out regularly
  • time spent by specialists for technical updates and support of the availability of the site
  • CMS in which the site is written

Fill in the form and find out the cost of maintenance of your site

Is it possible to get a one-time website maintenance

Yes, of course, but the cost of such maintenance will be higher than the monthly payment. For the employee of the company your site will be like a new book, which must be studied. Because of this employee will spend more time to study the technical features of your site and fault identification. After troubleshooting the employee will not be able to monitor the operation of your site and as a consequence, identify other problems that may occur on the site.



The cost of site support depends on the list of work and scope of services. You can learn more about the cost by filling out an application form.

If your request is a one-time request, the work is done according to the request. In the case of continuous service, you will be given a report on the work done at the end of the month.

Yes, we can take your site for service, first assessing the technical condition of the site.

Yes, we not only develop websites for a travel agency, but also help in promoting a website. Our specialists conduct market analysis, study competitors, target audience, product features. We create a website promotion plan, select the most effective tools to achieve the set goals. We carry out complex work – from the idea to the final result

The cost of SEO optimization and website promotion of a travel agency depends on the competitiveness of the market niche, products, the volume of the semantic core of the site, as well as the region selected for promotion. The cost of work is calculated for each project individually after a preliminary analysis.

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