Creating an effective online store in the optimal time

Developing an online store is one of the necessary factors for the development of your business. Every year the online trading market is growing by at least 10%


We are a full-service digital agency. For our clients, we provide a full range of services for the development of an online store, as well as its promotion



Our company offers both the creation of a website with a standard design and the development of an individual design for your turnkey project


When creating a website, it is important not only to create a beautiful picture, but also to fill it with interesting and unique materials in order to interest potential customers.


If necessary, our copywriters will help write unique and informative tests to fill the site.


We will help you choose and purchase a domain for your website, as well as transfer the site to a new hosting


If your company uses a CRM system, we will help you set up and connect the site to the CRM system, import requests and orders from the site to CRM


When developing a site, we carry out basic SEO settings so that your resource is correctly displayed in search results. If necessary, we can offer comprehensive SEO optimization and website promotion in the search engine


For the convenience of managing a website, we install and configure the site’s admin panel. If necessary, after the development of the website, we provide training on how to work with the admin panel


To receive feedback from the site and applications from potential customers, we adjust the feedback forms to the needs of the customer


If you plan to receive payment from customers on the site, we offer connection and setup of payment systems.


For large online stores and catalog sites is very relevant issue of loading the database of products from external sources. We can help you set up integration with third-party databases and import products into your site


For ease of navigation on extensive sites and stores, we recommend installing a site search module, it simplifies and speeds up site navigation for visitors to the resource


If your website has a large number of products, dynamic filters will make it easier for visitors to find the right products


We are a full-service digital agency. For our clients, we provide a full range of services for the development of a landing page, as well as its promotion



We calculate in advance the terms of online store implementation and specify them in the contract


We create a layout of the future online store at the stage of preparing the terms of reference and agree the visual concept


We will prepare for you a comfortable payment schedule for the development of your online store


We carry out all work exclusively under contract. Before starting the work, we sign the contract and the terms of reference to it. The documents have full legal force


We take a creative approach to using graphic design, digital technologies, and online strategies. It is our creative approach that helps us successfully solve problems and create new products that allow our customers to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a comprehensive website development, we carefully clarify the client’s vision and requirements in order to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


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Landing page

Online Store

Website for the company

Online Store

Website for the company

Website for the company


During the development process, we use flexible and functional solutions that not only allow us to develop an effective tool, but also further simplify the interaction and modification of the site to its owner



CMS (content management system/engine) allows you to manage the content of the site: create and publish records, pages, edit various elements.


Integration with analytics services, automation and CRM will help simplify the work with incoming requests, automate some business processes and get the full analytics of the website’s work.


CMS (content management system/engine) allows you to manage the content of the site: create and publish entries, pages, edit various elements.


Integration with analytics services, automation and CRM will help simplify the work with incoming requests, automate some business processes and get the full analytics of the website’s work.


Fill out the form and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

Cost to create an online store

The following factors are taken into account when forming the cost

Market and competitor analysis

In order to create an effective online store, before starting the work we always analyze the niche and competitors to create a quality and unique prototype site

Design development

When developing the design we take into account corporate identity or develop it for the company, if such does not exist, as well as create an adaptive design layout of all pages. The complexity of design also affects the final cost of the site

Programming and functionality

We carry out a complex of work on the layout and programming, if necessary we connect additional modules and services to make your site functional to 100%. The number and complexity of the required functionality, as well as the number of language versions and additional modules, integrations affect the cost of development.

Filling with content

What would create an interesting and useful resource for visitors, it is important to fill it with quality content.

Testing, publishing, and support

Before the publication of the site in the network we conduct testing of the resource, as well as provide further technical support and maintenance of the site after its publication.

The cost of online store starts at 48 000 UAH

Would you like to get a detailed quote for your project as well as a detailed consultation? Fill in the form and we will contact you


We adhere to a strict sequence of actions when developing a website in order to get a project that the client and users will like at the output



  • Project analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Commercial proposal
  • Contract conclusion


  • Prototype development
  • Prototype approval
  • Development terms of reference
  • Approval of terms of reference


  • Design development
  • Adaptive design development
  • Design coordination


  • Site layout
  • Programming
  • Connection of additional modules and services
  • Filling of the site


  • Web resource testing


  • Approval of the final product
  • Publication of the website
  • Support and maintenance


We understand how important it is to find reliable developers who will implement your project on time and with the best quality



In-depth niche analysis

Before the start of site development and design project we always analyze client’s market niche and main competitors, their media resources, mark for ourselves their strengths and weaknesses, that would take into account these details in the development site



In developing a customized design for the site, we hold a briefing with the customer that would take into account its wishes and basic goals. Then we develop the design, taking into account the wishes and adjustments on the part of the client


Functionality at the highest level

We create functional and fast web sites. High speed of loading pages, convenient admin panel for management and necessary functionality for work is exactly what our company creates.


Selling website structure

Any website must perform its function, whether it’s for sale of goods, presentation of the company or sale of services. When developing the site we take into account the direction of the client’s activity, so that the site was not only beautiful, but also had a high conversion rate


Quality copywriting

If you do not have content for filling the website, our copywriters will help you with this, they will write interesting and clear texts that will attract readers and help in sales


Post-launch project support

After the launch of the web site we provide training on working with admin panel of the site. If there is a desire or need, we can take the site for comprehensive support, maintenance and promotion, which allows easier and faster development of the project

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We have prepared answers to the most popular and frequent questions that are asked to us


The cost of developing a Landing page depends on many factors. First of all it depends on the chosen design type and its complexity, CMS, page volume, the amount of content which should be developed and placed, website functionality, the number of necessary services and widgets which should be connected or developed and many other factors. To calculate the cost of development fill in an application form on our website or call us.

The average term of development of a one-page web site is from 10 to 25 days. The term of development depends on the design and necessary functionality of the landing page, as well as the time for coordination of development with the customer.

Yes, we not only develop a one-page web site, but also help in promotion. Our specialists analyze the market and existing media resources of the company (if any), study competitors, the target audience, the features of the product. We create a plan for the promotion of the Landing page, select or create tools to do so. We implement the tools to promote the site and brand. We carry out a comprehensive work – from idea to end result.

The cost of SEO optimization and promotion depends on the market niche, products and articles placed on the site. The cost of works is calculated for each project separately after analysis. To find out the cost of works for your project, fill in an application form on our site.

We can modify your website to suit your current needs, improve design, loading speed, expand functionality and other factors that affect website conversion. You can read more details about site revision and redesign here

It is difficult in the modern world to imagine a store that is not in the network. Any product can be sold by creating an online store. It is even easier than in real life: open a store, choose the product you need and buy it. Everything is simple.

Advantages of an online store

Why are online stores gaining more and more popularity? It would seem that the idea of buying something that you can neither see, nor touch, nor see in action is doomed to failure. But no! Statistics shows the opposite – the number of online purchases and the number of buyers is growing every year. What is the attraction of ordering goods via the Internet? All because:

Ordering goods online is convenient. Each of us once stood in line at the checkout when making a purchase in a regular store, and you also need to get to the store itself. The online store is devoid of this – it is simply impossible to queue, you can always find out the availability of the desired product, and you only need to go online to buy. Moreover, online stores are open around the clock. It is also possible to order goods in online stores in other cities – even abroad – the goods will be delivered by postal and courier services, which makes online shopping more convenient.

Ordering goods online is cheaper. Yes, goods sold in online stores are cheaper than their counterparts sold in regular stores. This is due to many reasons, the biggest of which is the lack of rent for the store and the salaries of sellers.

Ordering the development of an online store in Estetic web design is a profitable investment in your own business, because you do not need to search for a trading platform for your store. All you need to do is open our website, fill out the form and during the day our managers will contact you to discuss the details.

Creation of an online store

An online store is a website that sells goods on the Internet. And, like any store, it should be profitable. But to generate income from such a resource, it is not enough just to throw a catalog of goods and a payment system. To make a profit, you need an ordinary visitor to become a buyer. For this, in turn, your site must have the following features

– have an attractive design and user-friendly interface for comfortable interaction of the client with the resource;

– provide complete information about the product;

– attract attention with a unique trade offer;

– simplify the purchase process as much as possible.

As you can understand, creating an online store is not an easy task, so you need to approach it wisely. The best way to have your own online store is to order website development in Estetic web design.

You can choose the functionality that will fill your store:

– Product feed (recommended promotional, new products, best sellers)

– Module “Blog” (for news, articles, useful information)

– Module “Recommended products”/”Related products”

– Module “Personal account” with order history

– Product reviews and product ratings

– Sticker on goods (New, promotion, TOP)

– Dynamic filter by product

– Individual offers to the buyer, based on the orders made by him

– Block “Viewed products”

– Showing the promotional price

– Search for goods

– Subscribe to the newsletter

– Selected products

– Sorting of goods

– Buy in one click

– Compare products

– Online payment

– Google map

– Shopping cart

– Cumulative discount for regular customers (loyalty system)

– Module “Export / Import of goods Excel”

– Module “Sets / total”

– Multilingual site

– Option for product parameters

– Module “Nova Poshta”

– Discounts by promo code

– Module personalized discount

– Automatic generation of invoice for payment from a legal entity

– Binotel module

– Online chat module

– Informing customers about the status of the order via SMS or messenger mailing

– Integration with CRM

– SEO optimization of the site

How long does it take to develop an online store?

This question is quite relative, because it all depends on the functionality of the site you choose. The minimum time required for the development of an online store is two weeks. You will be able to find out more precisely after you have developed the project TOR together with our managers.

Where to order the development of an online store?

You can order a website in several ways. Open the website of the digital agency Estetic web design and in the “Contacts” section choose any of the presented methods. It can be either filling out the prepared form or a direct call to our managers 

Stages of online store development:

– Discussion and approval of the technical task.

– Discussion of design and basic graphic elements.

– Development of individual design

– Layout of pages (imposition of design on the site).

– Creation and configuration of a content management system.

– Filling the site with the main content.

– Testing of all site functions for possible flaws and bugs.

– Basic SEO setup.

– Launching an online store in the network.

– Analysis of the project and its goals

– Analysis of existing solutions for the development of an online store and competitors, identifying advantages and disadvantages

– Commercial offer

– Conclusion of the contract

– Development of the site prototype

– Approval of the prototype

– Creation of technical specifications for the development of an online store

– Coordination of the technical task

– Development of design

– Development of an adaptive version of the design

– Approval of the design

– Layout of the site (imposition of design on the site)

– Programming

– Connection of additional modules and services

– Filling the site

– Testing of the web resource

– Coordination of the final product

– Publication of the website on the Internet

– Support and maintenance of the created online store

– Development and promotion of an online store

What determines the cost of an online store

It is quite logical that entrepreneurs who have made a decision to use the Internet for the development of their business and are faced with the necessity to create an online shop, have a natural question – what does the cost of the site depend on? We will try to answer it in this article.

For people who do not work in the sphere of web development and Internet marketing pricing may seem something incomprehensible. After all, the difference in price between two sites that are almost identical in appearance and number of pages may differ significantly

If you ask the question about the cost of a website to ten different developers, you will get ten different answers. And it can be the amount from hundreds to several thousand dollars. The fact is that the final answer depends on a number of factors. And that’s what we’re talking about.

Domain name and hosting

For any website you need to register a domain name – the name that people type in the address bar of the browser to go to the desired site.

Also, the availability of each site on the Internet is ensured by placing it on a remote server, on which the project’s performance depends. Even if you pay for hosting not for a year in advance, but only for a month, it still requires certain investments.

The cost of a domain name is on average $ 10 (per year), and the cost of hosting starts from $ 5 to 20 depending on the type of project. In our blog you can read detailed articles on how to choose a domain name and hosting for your website.

The functionality you need

You are very lucky if most of the functionality you need for your project is already in the CMS “out of the box”. Additional improvements to the site can cost the customer a considerable amount of money and constantly delay the launch time.

Some things only look simply, but in fact are very difficult to implement. At the same time, others may seem to an unprepared person something incredibly complicated, and as a result, a good specialist will do it in a few hours. Your site may consist of only 5 pages, but this does not mean that it will cost less than a site consisting of several hundred pages.

Good specialists usually work on an hourly basis, and if it takes two weeks of work of a programmer with a rate of $20/hour to implement the required function, you can imagine how much it will cost. Therefore, it is better to weigh everything well and order additional work on the site only if it is really necessary.

Creation of website design

A good web designer can design you an excellent website taking into account the peculiarities of the business and focused on the most effective solution of the tasks. But it can take a really long time and cost a lot of money. So, you should think about whether you need a unique design or maybe you should use a quality template.

For PrestaShop, OpenCart, Bitrix, CS Cart, Prestashop, Shopify, Joomla, WordPress and other popular CMS you can buy a high-quality ready-made design on special exchanges such as Themeforest and TemplateMonster. We wrote more about this in our article “10 tips on how to choose a design template for an online store”.

The fact is that these templates are created by professional designers and web developers and are carefully moderated by the administration of marketplaces. For a small amount from $ 50 to $ 100 you get a high-quality template, the cost of which, if developed from scratch, would be from $ 300-500 and above.

Texts and images

After the site starts working, you will need to fill its pages with certain content. For example, add texts to the main page, category pages, place banners and graphic icons. And it is unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself, at least within an acceptable time frame.

A good contractor will most likely take on this task, and the appropriate specialists – copywriters and designers – will be involved in writing texts and creating graphics. Therefore, this is also included in the price, and the more content you need, the higher its cost will be.

Adaptation for mobile devices

The introduction of adaptive layout on the site allows you to provide the same ease of viewing on all devices, regardless of screen size. The essence of the technology is clear from the name itself. Based on the determination of which device (monitor or smartphone) is used for viewing, content blocks are rebuilt to provide better user access.

The cost of implementing adaptive layout pays off in full by increasing conversion and sales, which is confirmed by our case in practice.


Until now, many business owners hope that customers will start coming to their sites by themselves, they just need to appear on the Internet. Unfortunately, if you think that way, I have bad news for you.

Unless you are selling something very specific, like winter suits for king penguins in Tierra del Fuego, you will have dozens or even hundreds of websites in your list of competitors. Moreover, many of them have existed for a long time and successfully use the whole range of Internet marketing tools to promote to the top.

Initially, even at the design stage, the site should take into account the current requirements of search engines in terms of SEO. A very large amount of work is done before the launch, and after it. And the more complex the project, the more time a specialist will need and the higher the price of such services will be. But, believe me, it is better to do everything well at the very beginning than to correct mistakes later.

Why do you need an online store

First of all, it saves your time. You will not need to travel all over Kyiv in search of a trading platform that will satisfy all the needs of your store. All you need to do is order the development of an online store in Estetic web design.

The next advantage will be the financial side of the issue, because ordering an online store in Estetic web design is much cheaper than paying monthly rent for the premises, and you can use the saved money to expand your range or to advertise existing products

Compared to traditional stores, after the creation of online stores much faster begin to make a profit, which cannot but rejoice in today’s competition.

There are also advantages that are generally not available to a regular store. This is the opportunity for users of the site to openly evaluate your online store and your products, leaving reviews and ratings, the high level of which is an excellent tool for attracting new customers and promoting the trading site in the network.

When making a big purchase, we often doubt our choice. Other users who have already purchased goods in your online store will help you to make sure that you have made the right choice. Left reviews to the product greatly affect the users of the site, helping them to make purchases on your site.

Create an online store in Kyiv will help digital agency Estetic web design

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