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Website development on the PrestaShop platform is one of the popular and sought-after services. More than one million users use it to develop shops, all over the world.

Our company will help to create a website on PrestaShop platform of any complexity: online shop, business card site




Quite a lot of online stores work only with certain payment systems, and because of this policy they lose part of their profits, because it is impossible to make a purchase. PrestaShop, in turn, takes into account the interests of customers and the owner of the resource, and therefore actively cooperates with all possible popular payment systems. It also cooperates with the local payment systems, which are common only in certain countries. 


An easy-to-use interface in the admin panel ensures that setting up and tracking trends is easy enough to understand. 


PrestaShop is designed for an online store, so the functionality, as well as the possibilities of the corresponding. The platform analyzes sales, customer journeys through the site, purchases – and at the end of the month you get a full-fledged report and can always keep your hand on the pulse.


PrestaShop has one of the advantages, namely e-commerce. That allows you to connect and conduct a reliable payment gateway between the site and the client, as well as establish different methods of payment. When making a payment there is no redirection to an external resource – the user stays on the payment page.


Creating a website on PrestaShop platform will save you money and time resources, because the platform is absolutely free and does not require additional investments.


PrestaShop has strong qualities in terms of adaptability and maintaining trends. And now, your customers will be able to order from their phone or any other device, ensuring round-the-clock profitability. Also, you can always view your sales statistics using the mobile app.




We understand how important it is to find a quality contractor and partner that is why we offer our customers favorable conditions of cooperation



We calculate in advance the timing of the online store and specify them in the contract


We create a model of the future online store at the stage of preparing the terms of reference and agree the visual concept


We will prepare for you a comfortable payment schedule for the development of your online store


We carry out all work exclusively under contract. Before we start the work, we sign a contract and terms of reference to it. The documents have full legal force


Fill out a short brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee a quick feedback!


Fill out a short brief and we will discuss your ideas and ways to solve your problem.

We guarantee a quick feedback!


We take a creative approach to the use of graphic design, digital technology and Internet strategies. It is this creative approach that helps us successfully solve problems and create new products that allow our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a project, we thoroughly clarify the client’s vision and requirements in order to develop a product that will effectively perform the function assigned to it. Take a look at our project list to get an idea of how we work.



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Online Store


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Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


Fill out a brief brief and we will discuss the development of your project


Features of CMS PrestaShop

To develop the online store, a special engine called CMS PrestaShop. This engine has been working for more than ten years and has everything you need to create an online-shop. Who uses CMS PrestaShop? First of all, the system is relevant for the creation of online stores.

Comfort in use.

Software product CMS PrestaShop has a convenient panel in Russian, which will understand even a beginner.

The key features of the system are available after downloading/installation:

  • setting up filters, working with categories and product properties.
  • shopping cart and orders.
  • marketing components for working with partners and advertising.
  • SEO promotion of the portal.

To quickly fill in the product catalog, it is sufficient to import CSV files. This means that the user will be able to add categories, suppliers and brands.

Basic functions of PrestaShop are enough to start your online store. Although advanced features will require modules, they will create a large resource for the digital economy with social networks.

Online-shop design

Users can take advantage of a large assortment of templates that can be downloaded from a legitimate resource. For example, there are design platforms Envato and Templatemonster. There are over five hundred variations on these sites, but it’s not all free. Templates have their own price, from sixty to four hundred euros.

Preview function helps to choose the necessary layout online-shop. Demo version is fully functional, that is, you can fill out forms, view all pages of the resource, add products to the cart. Preview allows you to make sure in the adaptive design of templates.

The system has not only the external design of the portal, but also the necessary functions for work.

Standard variation of the template:

  • easy search.
  • many languages.
  • scheme of blogs.
  • shopping cart.
  • in the description of products has information about the brand and manufacturers.
  • categories can be displayed on the main page.
  • social networks.

Despite the fact that there are not many free layouts, they still look beautiful and productive. Themes are focused on the sale of goods, as you cannot build anything on PrestaShop, except the online store. There are order forms, shopping carts and catalogs. The stores themselves are developed on the basis of the Smarty framework, so the user needs to demonstrate skills in working with HTML and CSS.

SEO optimization of the online store

In the administrative panel of the system, you can find Traffic & SEO, which is designed to optimize the online store. The tab allows you to develop unique content, description, key phrases and address.

What features are available:

  • redirect optimization.
  • development and editing of robots.txt.
  • autocomplete attributes for images.

Additional optimization elements can be added through modules. If the online store is very large, it is possible to set auto Title generation.

There are also special tools that help to collect the necessary statistics. There is even integration with Google Analytics. This means that the user can analyze both sources and traffic. Reports show the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, a list of popular products and the total number of orders.

Web development costs for the online store

PrestaShop system has a license called Open Software License (OSL) v3.0. It can be downloaded for free. The costs start at the stage of selecting a place to put the information on the server. What you need to know:

  • support for operating systems – Windows, Unix, Linux.
  • Apache server 1.3 and above.
  • PHP 5.0.
  • MySQL 5 and above.

If the system is compared to WordPress, you can highlight the high requirements for servers. What do you mean? In this case, the available disk space and bandwidth are analyzed. Experts recommend choosing a server with an expensive rate.

The choice of theme also involves some spending. Experts advise to pay attention to high-quality themes, which are demonstrated in the system itself. They are more secure.

Modules to expand the functionality is an expense. The basic version of the system does not offer many solutions, so you can’t do without plugins. This means that you will have to pay for some of the modules.

Space for placing information on the server

Since the engine of the system is very demanding, free hosting is not suitable. For example, many developers and webmasters strongly recommend hosting called Bluehost. And there is nothing surprising, because this hosting is characterized by stable operation and good performance.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of PrestaShop are:

  • a large catalog with filters.
  • relevant tools for audience retention.
  • advanced SEO block.
  • the ability to work with google analytics.
  • setting up a panel with a chart of orders and products.

However, there are also disadvantages. For example, the high price of themes and modules, the maximum load on the serving device in automatic information processing systems.

Interaction with system templates

As PrestaShop is becoming more popular, there are more and more commercial layouts for online stores. Before installing a template on the platform, you can make edits by applying the Smarty engine.

It is recommended that you back up your files before downloading the template. For the installation of themes is responsible module themeinstallator.

Nuances of developing an online store in PrestaShop

You can note some modules to expand the tools of the platform:

  • filters for product categories.
  • auto price change depending on the selected parameters.
  • deal management.
  • super offers of different formats.
  • analytics and statistics.
  • control over warehouse.
  • available in many languages.
  • auto unloading of products in CSV format and integration with 1C only available in paid modules.


Highly effective system for e-commerce is now very popular in western countries. The main feature of PrestaShop is the availability of a variety of themes and modules for web development of the online store.

It will be an excellent choice if you are willing to pay for quality. Beautiful design, secure themes and cool modules for creating an online store is a distinctive feature of PrestaShop. You can recoup your investment very quickly.

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