SITE DEVELOPMENT on wordress and opencart

WHAT is website revision and who will benefit from it?

Revision of the existing site – a cycle of work aimed at improving the efficiency of the website and improving the stability of the resource. Thanks to this service, you can eliminate technical errors made in the creation of the site, refine the visual and functional part of the resource, update the design or structure, site elements. Improvement of the site contributes to improving usability, increasing loading speed, creating a more comfortable, simple and straightforward interface for the visitor.

Modern technology is rapidly evolving and over time, any media resource becomes obsolete and requires modernization. Although few people realize it. One of the services that is in high demand in our company is the revision of the site, especially online stores. After all, they are more dependent on technology and need to improve their functionality. The question of price in such cases is in the background, any error or poor quality software have a negative impact on profit, which is unacceptable for any company.

But this does not mean that the other types of media resources should be forgotten. Perform work on the finalization of the site should be in the following cases:

  • dropped position of the site in search results;
  • developed new search algorithms, which must be adapted;
  • Company rebranding;
  • Expansion of the product range;
  • Improvement of site adaptation for various mobile devices.

Each site has a need for constant development, adaptation to modern requirements, which is why finalization of the site is such a popular service.



Creation of new functionality on the website, integration with external services to upgrade and improve website efficiency

visual enhancement

Updating the design of the site, change or refine the existing template, creating new sections and blocks on the site

Structural refinement

Updating the structure of the website, improving navigation, creating new sections

website rebranding

If your company has decided to rebrand, update the logo, corporate colors, then one of the key points is website redesign. Find out more here

We provide website revision for the following CMS


WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular website building systems, this content management system (CMS) is open source. According to W3techs, WP is used by 64.7% of all websites that are made on a CMS.


OpenCart is an incredibly popular platform for developing an online store. More than a third of all e-commerce sites are created on it. OpenCart is among the top ten CMS-systems by frequency of use.

Need to refine your site?


We understand how important it is to find reliable developers who will implement your project on time and with the best quality



In-depth niche analysis

Before the start of site development and design project we always analyze client’s market niche and main competitors, their media resources, mark for ourselves their strengths and weaknesses, that would take into account these details in the development site



In developing a customized design for the site, we hold a briefing with the customer that would take into account its wishes and basic goals. Then we develop the design, taking into account the wishes and adjustments on the part of the client


Functionality at the highest level

We create functional and fast web sites. High speed of loading pages, convenient admin panel for management and necessary functionality for work is exactly what our company creates.


Продающая структура сайта

Any website must perform its function, whether it’s for sale of goods, presentation of the company or sale of services. When developing the site we take into account the direction of the client’s activity, so that the site was not only beautiful, but also had a high conversion rate


Quality copywriting

If you do not have content for filling the website, our copywriters will help you with this, they will write interesting and clear texts that will attract readers and help in sales


Post-launch project support

After the launch of the web site we provide training on working with admin panel of the site. If there is a desire or need, we can take the site for comprehensive support, maintenance and promotion, which allows easier and faster development of the project

Implemented projects

We have a creative approach to the use of graphic design, digital technologies and Internet strategies. It is the creative approach that helps us to successfully solve problems and create new products in Irpin that allow our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a complex website development, we carefully find out the vision and requirements of the client to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


Landing page

Online shop

Website for the company

Website for the company

Online shop

Website for the company


We have prepared answers to the most popular and frequently asked questions


The cost of site improvements depends on your wishes, the amount of work and CMS on which the site was developed. To find out the cost fill out an application on the site.

On average, it takes from one hour to a couple of days to finalize the site. The implementation period depends on the task at hand.

To calculate the cost, you need to agree on the type of site revision and the volume and urgency of the work. Our managers will help you to find the best solution for your tasks.

Determine the required list of works, conclude the contract, transfer data for access to hosting and admin panel of the site for the backup and placing it on the test server creation

We make a backup of your site, place it on the backup server, carry out the necessary modifications, coordinate with you the result and publish an updated version of the site.

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