What it is necessary to have an Ukranian translation of the site

Today’s reality requires us to have a website in the Ukrainian language, especially if it operates on the territory of Ukraine – this is required by law. Among other things, this is a good way to attract new users by increasing the semantic core and the increase in search queries.

Multilingual sites have a better chance to attract new potential customers, because give the opportunity to get acquainted with the information in his preferred language. This is an indicator of quality service and desire to make the client’s stay on your site as convenient as possible.

what you get

Increasing the effectiveness of SEO

By creating the Ukrainian version of the site you will be able to get high positions in SERPs due to less competition in this language segment.

Increase traffic to the site

Due to the new search queries, as well as the growth of positions in the search results you will be able to increase the number of users of your website

Quality translation of the entire site

Qualified specialists will work on translation of your website to convey the message, as well as to make translation without errors

site types

Below are the types of sites for which we can translate into Ukrainian

Landing page

Promo site


Catalog site

Online store

Corporate website

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Squeeze from the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language"

1. part two of Article 27, which establishes that

“a computer program with a user interface installed on goods sold in Ukraine must have a user interface in the state language, which in volume and content must contain no less information than foreign language versions of such interface. Failure to comply with this requirement has the consequences determined by the legislation on consumer protection for the sale of goods of inadequate quality.”

This means that any product on which a computer program is installed – from a car to a washing machine or an electric coffee maker – must be “localized” for sale in Ukraine. The product must have a Ukrainian-language interface, regardless of whether this interface uses an electronic screen or looks like a control panel with ordinary buttons.

2. part six of Article 27, which states that:

“Internet representations (including websites, web pages in social networks) of state authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations of state and communal forms of ownership, mass media registered in Ukraine, as well as business entities selling goods and services in Ukraine and registered in Ukraine, shall be executed in the state language. Along with the version of Internet representations (including websites, web pages in social networks) made in the state language, there may be versions in other languages. The version of the Internet representation in the state language must have at least the same volume and content of information as the foreign language versions and be loaded by default for users in Ukraine.

For foreign business entities that sell goods and services in Ukraine and have subsidiaries, branches, representative offices in Ukraine, the version of the website in the state language must contain sufficient information for clear navigation and disclosure of the purpose of the owner of such an Internet representation. The version of such website in the state language for users in Ukraine should be loaded by default.

In fact, this means that starting from July 16, 2022, all Internet resources (websites, pages in social networks, YouTube, Viber, Telegram channels, mobile applications, etc.) used as Internet representations of business entities registered in Ukraine, including information Internet resources, must have the main version in Ukrainian, which must be loaded for users in Ukraine by default. The Ukrainian-language version of the Internet representation of a foreign business entity that sells products in Ukraine may have a smaller amount of information than the main version, but it is sufficient for a Ukrainian user to fully understand the purpose of the entity’s activities.

It should also be noted that business entities that provide services to Ukrainian consumers on the Internet (online stores, online catalogs, etc.) are obliged to post information about goods and services in the state language on the relevant Internet resources as of January 16, 2021. However, from now on, they are obliged to have a full version in Ukrainian, which should be the main version (contain the maximum amount of information) and loaded by default.

Also, the absence of a Ukrainian-language version of an information Internet resource after July 16, 2022 may mean a deliberate violation by its owner of the requirements of the law on the state language, or the fact of the absence of state registration of the media outlet and/or the owner as a business entity. This, in turn, will mean the intention of the owner of the Internet resource to be outside the legal field of Ukraine and will cause reasonable distrust of the information published on the resource.



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