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Technology is the most important driving force in today’s business, so a strong brand strategy in the digital space is more important than ever.  Since 2019, we have been providing a full range of technology services that help our customers gain an advantage over their competitors.  Our qualifications and experience in digital technology, combined with an understanding of current design trends, allow us to create unique websites. Check out the list of services and contact us to discuss the right solution for you.



A Landing page is a landing page for collecting user contacts or selling a product. As a rule, this is a one-page site that briefly provides information about the service or product, which allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

The purpose of a landing page is to focus the user on a single offer (a specific service or product).

Attracting new customers and partners

With the help of a well-developed Landing page, you can increase sales volumes and attract new partners for fruitful cooperation.

Full product / service description

Thanks to a full description of the product or service, as well as the correct presentation of information, the user gets a clear idea of the product or service.

Convenient page for sales

The main task of any landing page is sales and lead generation. With proper landing page development and effective advertising you will see the results in a few days


A website for a company is an excellent solution for a business to advertise its services or products, attract a target audience and partners. It contains pages with information about the company, information about services or products, prices, as well as contact details and feedback forms.

Company presentation

The site represents your company on the Internet, creates a first impression and positions the company in the market.

Advertising platform

Thanks to the site, you can advertise your services and services, attract and inform customers. The purpose of this site is to promote your business.

Detailed description of services

On the site, you can post all the necessary information about services and companies, highlight competitive advantages and mark the company's achievements


An online store has a number of advantages over regular stores that you can see on the street.  The main one is the fact that shopping in an online store saves the Consumer time. The online store is open without breaks, weekends, or holidays. There are no queues. Purchases in the online store can be easily and quickly paid for with a bank card

Business tool for online trading

The online store offers your products to potential customers regardless of the time of day or days of the week

Opening up new markets

Thanks to the online store, you can expand the audience of potentially interested customers

A platform for selling goods

With the help of an online store, you can increase the flow of customers, find new loyal customers and increase the profitability of your business.


The catalog site is a resource that contains a list of products with descriptions and photos. The main task of the catalog site is to familiarize potential customers with the range of products on the site. This type of resource is similar to an online store, but with a slight difference – the lack of a shopping cart.

Online catalog of your products

With the help of the catalog site, you can place the entire range of products on the Internet and attract potential customers, find new regular customers and increase the profitability of your business.

Opening up new markets

Thanks to the online catalog you can expand the audience of potentially interested buyers

Business tool for online trading

The online store offers your products to potential customers regardless of the time of day or days of the week


Website redesign is not only about updating the appearance, creating a beautiful, modern and attractive resource, but also a functional, easy-to-use site that meets the client’s needs and the company’s goals.Over time, the site’s design and functionality becomes outdated, and new technologies and design solutions appear. Due to aging, new customers prefer not to understand a complex or unadapted web resource, but to find another one.

Visual redesign

Updating the site's appearance, partial or complete. Change the color scheme, shades, add, change animations and completely new design of your site

Functional redesign

Updating or improving the existing site functionality. Adding new features and functions. Improving usability and changing the site structure

Full-scale redesign

Creating a radically new website with the ability to use the same texts, images, domain name, and so on


We take a creative approach to using graphic design, digital technologies, and online strategies. It is our creative approach that helps us successfully solve problems and create new products that allow our customers to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a comprehensive website development, we carefully clarify the client’s vision and requirements in order to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


Кейс с разработки landing page Global Capital Group
Landing page
Интернет магазин
Сайт для компании

Интернет магазин

Сайт для компании

Сайт для компании

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During the development process, we use flexible and functional solutions that allow not only to develop an effective tool, but also further simplify the interaction and modification of the site to its owner



CMS (система управления сайтом/движком) позволяет управлять контентом сайта: создавать и публиковать записи, страницы, редактировать различные элементы.  


Интеграция с сервисами аналитики, автоматизации и CRM помогут упростить работу с входящими заявками, автоматизировать некоторые бизнес процессы, а так же получить полную аналитику о работе сайта. 


CMS (система управления сайтом/движком) позволяет управлять контентом сайта: создавать и публиковать записи, страницы, редактировать различные элементы. 


Интеграция с сервисами аналитики, автоматизации и CRM помогут упростить работу с входящими заявками, автоматизировать некоторые бизнес процессы, а так же получить полную аналитику о работе сайта.


We understand how important it is to find reliable developers who will implement your project on time and with the best quality



In-depth niche analysis

Before developing a website and design projects, we always analyze the niche market and major competitors, their media resources, mark for yourself their strengths and weaknesses, which would take into account these details in the development of the site



In developing an individual design for the site, we hold a briefing with the customer, which would take into account his wishes and the main objectives. Then we develop a design taking into account the wishes and adjustments on the part of the client


Functionality at the highest level

We create functional and fast web sites. High speed of loading pages, convenient admin panel for management and necessary functionality for work – this is what our company creates.


Selling site structure

Any website must perform its function, whether it is to sell products, company presentation or sale of services. When developing the site we take into account the direction of the client’s activity, so that the site was not only beautiful, but also had a high conversion rate


Quality copywriting

If you do not have material to fill the web site, our copywriters will help you with this, they will write interesting and clear texts that will attract readers and help in sales


Post-launch project support 

After the launch of the web site we provide training on working with the admin panel of the site. If there is a desire or need, we can take the site for comprehensive support, maintenance and promotion, which allows easier and faster development of the project

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Digital agency Estetic web design 

Our history begins more than four years ago, during this time we have implemented many projects for our clients in the field of development and marketing. We also want to note that the return rate of our customers is quite high, because they appreciate the experience and professionalism and the immersion that we provide for them.
Why do clients order development from the Aesthetic web design web studio?
All our principles used in the development of projects are based on the development and improvement of your success in the field of the Internet:
• We study the subject, brand, products of the company and the services provided by it, we also study the whole range of tasks.
• We have a wide range of web development services for all areas, namely: Landing page, online store, business card website and others.
• We are continuously improving, which leads to an increase in our professionalism, and our proposals are progressive in the world of web development. Also, our offers are not outdated, or boring.
• Our saport community is always ready to respond to your request at any time.

What is web development from Estetic web design?

The development and promotion of your website is not only the creation of a turnkey website, but also a set of special functions and features with which to begin development, and after which they begin to make a profit in a short period of time:
• SEO – promotion, bringing the web resource to the first places in the ranking in search queries
Instagram Facebook • SMM – promotion helps in social networks, and it includes: publishing stories, blogging, developing advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook
• PPC – search advertising that helps attract new customers and partners. In order to achieve maximum conversion, you need to use contextual advertising, and we are experts in this field.

The main directions of the web studio Estetic web design

For four years, our range has been replenished with many unique conceptual developments for all areas with different capabilities:
• Online store
• Landing page
• Design development
• Business card website
• Corporate website
• Website catalog
• Website redesign
• Mobile version development
• Website promotion
• Targeted advertising
• Contextual advertising
• Support and development
Each of the above products is good, but performs different functions. And the most important thing is the correct formulation of the task – because you need to describe your wishes, and we will offer the best solution for your business or improve an existing resource.

What are we doing for this?

• Analysis and in-depth analysis of the target audience, as well as features
• Content development
• Introduction of new features to the site
• Technical security and support
• Automation of business processes, connection of new management systems
• Promotion and preparation of content plans

How to order development in a web studio Estetic web design

Why do clients choose us among many web studios? And all because they appreciate professionalism, attention to the smallest details.
Do you need a WOW website or an online store? Corporate website or landing page? Web studio Aesthetic web design already knows what to offer you!
All you have to do is contact us!


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