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Now it is difficult to imagine a company that does not have a website. After all, most customers are reluctant to trust companies that can not learn about the Internet and if you have to choose, then obviously the company with the site will have a better chance. Trust the fate of their business “word of mouth” is not the best thing, so we recommend that your company to create a business website.

This site is best suited for small businesses. Its mission is to form the image of your company in the Internet environment, provide information about your services and to increase profits by attracting new customers. Business website will help you to become closer to the consumer, and to develop it for you, create a unique design and develop a convenient functionality will help Estetic web design team


We are a full-service web studio. For our customers we provide comfortable terms of cooperation, as well as a wide range of services in web development, advertising, marketing and design, because to find a reliable partner who closes the whole range of customer requests is not only convenient, but also profitable.


We calculate in advance the terms of online store implementation and specify them in the contract


We will prepare for you a comfortable payment schedule for the development of your online store


We carry out all work exclusively under contract. Before starting the work, we sign the contract and the terms of reference to it. The documents have full legal force


Our team will help to turn your ideas into reality, not only can we develop a business website for you, but also effectively promote it in search engines through SEO or paid advertising

Implemented projects

We have a creative approach to the use of graphic design, digital technologies and Internet strategies. It is the creative approach that helps us to successfully solve problems and create new products in Irpin that allow our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Before starting a complex website development, we carefully find out the vision and requirements of the client to develop a product that will effectively cope with the function assigned to it. Take a look at the list of our projects to get an idea of how we work.


Кейс разработка landing page Global Capital Group
Landing page

Online shop

Website for the company

Website for the company

Online shop

Website for the company

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The cost of building a business website

The following factors are taken into account when forming the cost

Market and competitor analysis

In order to create an effective business website, we always conduct a niche and competitor analysis before the start of work to create a high-quality and unique prototype site

Design development

When developing the design we take into account corporate identity or develop it for the company, if such does not exist, as well as create an adaptive design layout of all pages. The complexity of design also affects the final cost of the site

Programming and functionality

We carry out a complex of works on the layout and programming, if necessary we connect additional modules and services to make your site functional at all 100%. The number and complexity of the required functionality, as well as the number of language versions and additional modules, integrations affect the cost of development.

Filling with content

What would create an interesting and useful resource for visitors, it is important to fill it with quality content.

Testing, publishing, and support

Before the publication of the site in the network we conduct testing of the resource, as well as provide further technical support and maintenance of the site after its publication.

The cost of the business site starts from 24 000 UAH

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We follow a strict sequence of actions during the development of a business card site to get a project that will appeal to the client and users.



  • Project analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract conclusion


  • Development of an online store prototype
  • Approval of the prototype
  • Creation of a technical task for development
  • Approval of the technical task


  • Design development
  • Development of adaptive design version
  • Design approval


  • Layout of the online store
  • Programming
  • Connection of additional modules and services
  • Filling the site


  • Testing of the web resource


  • Approval of the final product
  • Publication of the website
  • Support and maintenance

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The cost of developing a business website depends on many factors. First and foremost from the chosen type of design, CMS, required functionality, the number of language versions and content. Also on the cost affects the number of additional modules and integrations with external services that must be connected to the site.

In order to calculate the cost it is necessary to determine the structure, functionality, as well as the approximate design of the future site. Our managers will hold a detailed consultation, recommend the best solutions and help you choose the necessary functionality for your business site.

On average, the term of development of a business site is from 14 to 45 days. The development period depends on the chosen design and the necessary functionality of the site, as well as the time for coordination of the site.

Yes, we not only develop a business website, but also help to promote the web site. Our specialists conduct market analysis, study competitors, target audience, features of the product. We create a plan to promote the site, we select the most effective tools to achieve their goals. We carry out complex work – from idea to end result.

The cost of SEO and business website promotion depends on the competitiveness of the market niche, products, the volume of the semantic core of the site, as well as the region selected for promotion. The cost of works is calculated for each project individually after preliminary analysis.

We can refine your site to meet current needs, improve design, loading speed, expand functionality and other factors that affect site conversion.

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